Why I stock water

I picked up a rider one night; fortuitously he worked for a local marketing firm that was trying to get a client’s name out. End result: I got free water for about 3 months, to give out to riders.

Now I pay between $2.99-4.99 every 2-4 weeks to buy my own. For that price I get 24-35 bottles.

95% of customers will decline to take a water. They want to save you money, they aren’t thirsty, they don’t drink bottled water, etc. But your Costco membership is now a business expense.

100% of customers appreciate the offer, a good percentage of them are outright amazed. If I can amaze you in the first 15 seconds in the car I’m almost guaranteed a 5 star rating. It’s a gesture of hospitality and trust to offer them something.

Honestly my tips and ratings increased immediately and water is the last thing I worry about getting spilled in the car. They bring it in with rain and snow and wet hair and condensation and whatever else anyway. Plus it helps people not get sick in the car. Settles stomachs.

If I offer you a water you’re not going to be sipping on your coffee, soda, vodka or smoothie in my car, less spill risk for me then. By giving you water, you’re giving me (some) control of what you do in my car.

There’s a very good article on here about how to maximize ratings and tips but I think it misses the mark on drinks.

Be safe out there.

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That’s a great tip. I think it is one of the easiest ways to impress your customers. Those little water bottles do come in handy. :+1:

Well, I used to carry those small water bottles from Costco when I drove for UberSUV. As it’s a higher tier service, so Uber customers expected to be served with some essential amenities. None of them tipped though, but it was manageable because of the higher per mile and minute rate.

Now that I drive for UberX, I find it hard to spend the time to buy them just for the customers. It just doesn’t seem to be worth it, at least not till Uber started the tipping option. Also, it was a lot easier to carry the water bottles in SUV, had plenty of room in the center console. Prius just doesn’t have that much room to carry around 10-15 water bottles.

I keep a case (or case and a half) in the trunk. In between pickups or even as/before the rider can get in my car I restock from trunk. Only when there’s more riders than bottles left in the car. Happens maybe 3-4 times a night on a busy night, and riders have always appreciated me doing it actually. I keep 4 cup holders stocked an extra in the center console. Usually can get through half a night without having to restock. Occasionally roll with 2 more under my seat.

very useful tips. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: