Who has the fastest food delivery service? UberEats, Postmates,DoorDash or GrubHub?

A comprehensive national study was performed by SeeLevel HX with 1,400 shoppers. The mystery shoppers ordered the same meals via four different apps; UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash and Postmates in five cities; Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and Dallas. The study tested for 20 different features including driver's attention to detail and the food temperature at the time of delivery. The average delivery time of the restaurants and the fee with tip in order of speed;

Position Name Time Cost

  1. UberEats: 35m31s; $20.74
  2. Postmates: 40m12s; $24.78
  3. DoorDash: 42m01s; $21.21
  4. GrubHub: 50m22s; $22.93

CEO of SeeLevel, Lisa Van Kersten, stated that out of the four delivery services, 98% of the deliveries were made in clean cars with professional driver, as rated by the customers. Which goes to support the notion that door to door delivery services is a secure and hygienic service option for all restaurants.

In terms of customer satisfaction, DoorDash performed the best with a 92% client satisfaction of delivery on time or before expected. In regard to overall slowest delivery times in cities, Los Angeles performed the slowest on average with a 39m20s limit, but it was also the cheapest on average with a cost of $19.38, and Dallas was the most expensive costing $24.23 on average.