Where is Joshua Thiede? Uber and Lyft Driver was Missing for a Week

After a long and traumatic week, Joshua Thiede, an Uber and Lyft driver that was reported missing by his family have turned up. Thiede was found in an LA hospital last Monday, and his family announced this on a social network platform on Tuesday. However, no news other than this was reported, so there is only speculation as to why he disappeared.

Janet Thiede, Joshua's mother, stated that "At this time, we do not have all the details. We are just extremely happy that he is alive. We are continuing to ask the LAPD to investigate the circumstances that landed him in the hospital."

Thiede, 29 years old, was reported missing from the 11th February and on Monday his Black Nissan Altima (2014) was found by police. According to police reports, Thiede's phone made a 911 call on February 12th but was a hang-up call, so no recorded details are available. Police are investigating the incident, and anyone that can provide help is asked to come forward.

Janet Thiede sent out a personal statement saying, "Thank you to all our fantastic family members and friends who worked with me behind the scenes to check leads and verify information, and, thank you to all the amazing social media volunteers who took the time to post, tweet, and share information that helped find someone they did not know. It is because of all your efforts that Joshua was found."

This is actually an interesting story to follow up on and find out how and why he disappeared and if it has anything to do with the fact that he drives for Uber or if it is a personal issue.