Where do Lyft drivers get the most tips: Lyft's Analysis in Austin, Texas

So, here is the latest on where Lyft drivers get the most tips. Lyft performed an analysis of data collected in Austin, Texas, using their app and mapped where drivers will most likely get tipped and where they won't. The new tipping trend map will definitely help drivers, as well as passengers, understand where they stand.

October in Austin is a busy time of year; they hold the US Grand Prix at Circuit of America and the Austin Limits Music Festival which brings a lot of work to ridesharing companies. Lyft decided to analyze their in-app tipping to find out which areas tipped the most, they looked at pick-up sites as the source of their tip and this is what they found:

  1. The circuit of the Americas made the most in tips during October 2017.
  2. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport came in second.
  3. Leander, Round Rock, Anderson Mill, Oak Hills and Cedar Park
  4. At the bottom were area's 78705 and 78712 which include the University of Texas at Austin campus and the West Campus area.

The new approach to tip analysis and publication of findings is aimed at teaching passengers from low tipping areas that they will alienate drivers from coming to accept their rides, and hope that passengers that do not tip will start to consider this as a standard.