What would you do if drug dealers use Uber?

What u do if drug dealers are using uber and lffts drivers to make drops I hear about it had not happen to me should I drive up to a cop car and say something I know some cops drive uber and lifts

Pretty sure I’ve been a mule from time to time

Don’t try to be a hero. You pull up to a cop car with a drug dealer in your backseat 99 percent of the time they have a gun. And if he doesn’t shoot you he will hold it to your head and tell you to drive the hell out of there so he can jump out then you gotta deal with the cops and explain why you were running. Don’t be stupid.

this shit happens in real life pay attention the news everyone’s getting shot. I use to be a heavy into pills I’m sober now and most of the dealers I dealt with has guns and would shoot someone over going to jail

Wait what?

Mind ya business, pick up and drop off is your job.

Took a girl to her loan shark one day. She was very upfront about all her problems to me lol. Pull up to a house and this huge dude walks up to my van and says “where my money girly”. $45 ride with a $10 tip. I felt no danger in the slightest.

Yeah, this happened to me before. I just drove, played dumb about the two brief stops, then the 3rd stop returning him back to the original pick up location lol didn’t ask questions and just drove. It isn’t my business and I wasn’t about to accuse the dude of anything on the off chance I was wrong in my assumption. And he tipped good lol

I don’t ask and if they start to tell I cut them off. Less I know the better.

Drive and don’t worry about things that have no affect on your day…unless the cops can prove you knew what was going on …you have no worries.

I bet you are a ton of fun at parties.

I don’t know where you are from but rideshare drivers are protected in most places against anything their passengers might have on them.

In those cases i suggest you mind your own business and just do your job drive

Personally I mind my own business hope I get big tip and if I’m lucky they tip some good weed or cash lol seriously do your job mind your own business you can’t judge someone just because they look like a dealer or live in a bad area. If you don’t feel safe quit uber do door dash Grub hub etc amazon lots of places to work less drama seriously I’m drug free bad joke lol

Ty all just drive.and dont say anything hope that’s safe and I dont go to jail I know nothing

I’m single I log off and party with the girls I know nothing

You have probably driven many pax doing drug deals, but just didn’t realize it. Happens all the time!

Not in our tos to interrogate a pax as to what they have on them or what they are doing when they get where they are going.
If I don’t see it or smell it. I don’t worry

Are u a driver or a cop. Stay in your lane… mind ur business. . And stay alive.

It’s not your job to know what your customers are doing. Don’t Rock the Boat

make sure they dont leave that mess in your car when they get out. keep it moving