What to do to make my ratings come up above 4.6?


(Dennis Scott) #1

My driver account was suspended until my ratings come up above 4.6. I can only do deliveries. Any suggestions for how to get back in business as quickly as possible?

(Allicia Lopez) #2

Do your best with deliveries to get good ratings

(Jerry Hall) #3

How does one get a 4.6?

(Timothy Clark) #4

To my knowledge, delivery ratings and ratings from pax are kept separate

(Harris Frank) #5

go to the greenlight hub and take their course. You will have to pay, I believe, $50.00 for it. That can get you reactivated. This is the only time when I do recommend offering amenities, for immediate ratings improvement.

(Eric Moore) #6

Do you spit on each pax that enters the car?

(Jill Aron) #7

Well unfortunately the rating system for Uber Eats deliveries is different than the rating for drivers. And whatever you do for deliveries is not going to affect your rating for drivers at all. So there’s no way to get above a 4.6 unless you’re driving

(Jose Hernandez) #8

The rating system for deliveries it’s just a thumbs-up or thumbs-down it’s not a 5-point scale. And one has nothing to do with the other

(Anderson Lee) #9

Eats has a satisfactory rating system, if you fall below a 85% you kicked off the service.

(Kenneth Miller) #10

Now as far as getting back on the service, it will be totally up to Uber. I’ve never heard of them reinstating UberEats driver that were kicked off but there’s a first time for everything, reach out to them and see what can be done.

(Paul Garcia) #11

Again?? Maybe you should only do deliveries from now on. :unamused:

(David Smith) #12

It’s just ridiculous that I get kick off of driving when I did nothing wrong.

(Audrina Jameson) #13

Screenshot of your how many rides and rating?
If you are that low you are definitely doing something.

(Peter Dave) #14

Hmmm doesn’t look like you have done to many rides per say. But something is going on. You have significant amount of 1 and 4 stars.

(Mitchel) #15

Lyft averages 100 rated rides vs the average if 500 with Uber. Also, Lyft has minimal/ineffective ratings protections. My Lyft rating bounces up and down between 4.8 and 5.0 within a single week. My Uber rating has been @ 4.96 forever.

(Haris_McMan) #16

You say you are doing nothing wrong, but your ratings say otherwise. It’s not rocket science

(Amanda Halen) #17

How low does a passenger rating have to be to get kicked out??
There are passenger that have a 4.3 rating

(Maurice Nixon) #18

Passenger are not held to the standards as drivers are. They have to do something very serious in order to get kicked off. Check Uber community guidelines it should tell what can cause a pax to lose their account.

(Andrew Martin) #19

Your doing something… Maybe bragging about “big red”

(Kimberly Nelson) #20

There was a big wave of deactivations for low rated drivers. I agree people tend to earn the rating they have. Here’s mine