What is GrubHub? Become a GrubHub Driver and Deliver Food

GrubHub Driver is here to help you out of all your questions like what is this service, why is it different from other such players and why should you become a GrubHub Driver?

GrubHub is the answer to fast food deliver that competes with UberEats, DoorDash and Postmates. The main difference between GrubHub’s service and DoorDash and Postmates is that drivers do not carry a GrubHub company credit card and do not pay for orders. Since drivers work as independent contractors with GrubHub, they can simultaneously work with Uber and Lyft. This means that as a Lyft and Uber driver you can toggle between Lyft, Uber rideshare, and GrubHub to maximize your income. If you want to apply only for this service, then the application and requirements are simpler than applying for a ride-share driver status.

Some basics to consider before becoming a GrubHub driver:

  • GrubHub makes the weekly deposits every Thursday, and the amounts are based on the earnings you make between Monday through Sunday of the last week of work. The actual deposit takes banks around 2-5 days to process, these times are getting shorter, but it's not a GrubHub issue, it's your bank's processing time that controls the rate of transfer.
  • The payment is calculated using this model: Order base fee + Mileage rate + 100% Tips
  • There is a minimum hourly income, for instance, in Seattle WA it is $13 per hour. The only way a driver will qualify for this minimum pay is if they must fulfill a preset percentage of all orders offered (acceptance rate) and finish a block (attendance rate). To assure you reach these minimum's you should be able to receive all notifications and will need to be focused on your app and have a good communication line.
  • Signing up requires a work scheduling process via the WIW (When I Work) schedule feature in the app.
  • GrubHub has offices in 13 cities (why they didn't attach it to Lyft Hubs is a mystery) the onboarding sessions are done either in an office or online.
  • Since scheduling is pre-set by the driver, working in more than one city that is close by will require scheduling a separate block.

DoorDash or Postmates - Driver’s Requirement and Income difference between the Delivery services

Signing Up

Sign up to GrubHub via the internet site: https://driver.grubhub.com/

Driver requirements are:

  • 19 plus years of age (21+ in Chicago)
  • 2 plus years driving experience
  • Own an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher OR an Android with 4.0 or higher (With data plan)
  • Drivers must have a valid driver's license and auto insurance
  • Bikers must have a valid state ID
  • Checking account for direct deposit
  • Pass a background check

If I applied previously and didn't meet requirements, then you need to contact GrubHub by e-mail at deliverypartners@grubhub.com.

GrubHub welcomes drivers with previous experience, so applying online is a good way to increase your driving income sources.

The Application Process

  1. Enter your name and e-mail address, the city you want to drive in (from a selection list), the vehicle type from a selection list and how you heard of GrubHub from a selection list. You will also need to provide your valid driving license, valid car insurance, and bank account information.
  2. You will need to choose the type of delivery bag you want to use and also the clothing sizes that fit you.
  3. When submitting your vehicle information, you will need to supply the license plate number, the make, and model of the car and the insurance coverage.
  4. In the DocuSign screen, you will have to accept the Delivery Rates information page, the W-4 agreement, and the GrubHub Delivery Partner Agreements.
  5. You will need to pass a background check. This is performed by Checkr and includes a seven-year history of personal and driving related issues.
  6. You will have to attend the GrubHub onboarding session (without this you don't get access to the driver app.)
  7. You get the acceptance e-mail you get a link to the driver app.
  8. Download the driver app.


The actual amounts differ between cities, so there is no fixed rate, but top earners are reported to have made anywhere between $18 to $15 per hour. There is also a minimum rate that is set per city, so if a driver receives less, GrubHub will fill in the remainder. The only way a driver will qualify for this minimum pay is if they must fulfill a preset percentage of all orders offered (acceptance rate) and finish a block (attendance rate). To assure you reach these minimum's you should be able to receive all notifications and will need to be focused on your app and have a good communication line.

Payments can change from time to time, GrubHub sends relevant updates by e-mail.

When accepting a block, you accept the latest payments terms that were sent in the GrubHub e-mail. So, make sure you check your e-mail from GrubHub to know when any new payment terms have been issued.

Calculating the Mile Rate

Unlike ride-sharing, GrubHub calculates the distance by "how the crow flies" which is basically a straight line drawn between the pickup location and the drop off location.If you have a multiple order route, then the straight line fee will be calculated on a sum of all the deliveries made per drop off location.

The Deliver Partner Agreement

The DPA is an 11-page document that outlines all the terms of your employment; it is not a direct employment contract but an independent contractor agreement. It can be found as a pdf file here: Download

All about the Onboarding Session

The GrubHub onboarding sessions are either in their offices or online. If you are in a city that has a GrubHub office, you will have to attend an office session. The online session is a presentation that shows slides, and it is mandatory to watch all the session.

Here is a list of the offices:

Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York (Manhattan), Orange County, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, San Diego North, Schaumburg.

The dates and times for an onboarding session differ between cities, so you should go online to check out when sessions are available in your city. Here is the link: https://grubhub.adobeconnect.com/admin/show-event-catalog

The onboarding session covers the following items:

  • Introduction to GrubHub
  • Getting started with GrubHub
  • Scheduling in WhenIWork
  • Making a delivery
  • Tips and Tricks for Success
  • Items on your "Hit the Road" Checklist
  • Payment

Only after completing the onboarding session will you get an into the driver's app.

If you complete a session before your background check has been completed, you will need to wait before you are activated.

Contact Information

There are many ways to contact GrubHub depending on the service required: