What do Uber drivers do to stay healthy?


(Paul Garcia) #1

I’d like to start an important topic. As most of us are sitting on our asses all day (I do this full time and I’m sure most of you do as well) I’m sure it’s challenging to find time to stay healthy. So what does everyone do to stay healthy, energetic and feeling good? My biggest problem is how I always feel tired and sleepy but I also eat like complete crap!

(David Smith) #2

In between rides I get out of my car and stretch and if it’s a parking lot just walk around it till I get another ping

(Audrina Jameson) #3

Drink plenty of water, stretch, eat light, wear compression socks.

(Peter Dave) #4

Gym 3-4 times a week and a low carb diet.

(Mitchel) #5

I don’t snack when I drive. No sugary drinks, just black coffee and water.

(Haris_McMan) #6

Nothing. I have a partially paralyzed esophagus, so I stay thin by not being able to swallow about 90% of food. I would not recommend my solution to other drivers, however.:smirk:

(Amanda Halen) #7

Cross fit every morning

(Maurice Nixon) #8

Only drinking water & unsweetened tea, healthy snax, and getting out to stretch legs every hour and a half. Working out 6 days p week with BeachBody on Demand on top of all that helps my circulation & cardiovascular health as well

(Andrew Martin) #9

Keep a jump rope in the trunk

(Kimberly Nelson) #10

Low carb diet. Cooler of healthy snacks, lots of water and lunch or dinner in the trunk. Also try to get out and stretch every 2-3 hours.

(Sharon Green) #11

Beach body on demand , 20-30min a day.

(Sue Cooper) #12

Fight club at the airport waiting lot

(Donna Harris) #13

Prepack, stretch and quick cardio at the gas station. I look foolish but whatevs

(Michaela Biksacky) #14

You have identified probably the most dangerous part of our job. We are at risk of DVT’s, obesity, diabetes and heart problems to name a few. As others have said you must exercise between rides and eat healthy. Bring your own lunch or dinner with healthy foods. You also need lumbar support for your seat and don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket if you drive all day.

(Sheena Washington) #15

My girlfriend and I meal prep every Sunday night, when it gets slow mid day I hit the gym. I avoid eating out while on the road so I know what is in my food.

(Brendan Halai) #16

Road side diners like long distance truckers do

(William Murphy) #17

Make sure you stop and walk every hour or so keep blood flow

(Graham Sandy) #18

Walk 4 days/run 3 days each week before uber.
Every 2 hours behind wheel. Go offline and stretch. Breath.

(Mathew Boolean) #19

Stop eating sugar and carbs

(Trish Richardson) #20

This is such a relevant topic! I ran out the door this am didn’t eat cause I was running late. End up getting lost cause my phone lost signal so I just ate for the first time today. I was thinking :thinking: I need to figure out a way to still get decent meals on the go instead of crap or nothing