What being a Platinum Driver gets you?


(Jose Hernandez) #1

That’s all, folks! It’s over. This is what being a Platinum Driver gets you. A week full of weak surge guarantees. I spent the last 3 months stockpiling money in my bank account like a chipmunk for this inevitable moment, and now that it’s arrived, it’s time to put my exit strategy into action. I suggest you all spend this Labor Day, and put some labor into strategizing how your life post-Uber is going to pan out.

(Anderson Lee) #2

What do you mean? Why does this mean the end for you? We don’t get these promos in my market

(Kenneth Miller) #3

Correct. It’s not worth driving for low rates. Basically everything bellow 1.8 is not enough. Their 1.1 and 1.2 are more like insult than boost. Drivers who completed thousands of rides should never have to qualify for better pay every fucking week.

(Paul Garcia) #4

Here in the Tampa Bay Area, there is ZERO promotions or incentives. We are lucky to get surge. :disappointed:

(David Smith) #5

I haven’t driven for Uber in 5 weeks. I guess my offer wasn’t the worst one. I won’t be driving for them anytime soon with this bull shit offer though. :joy::smiling_imp::fu:t4:#That :poop:

(Audrina Jameson) #6

When they see the dramatic decrease in driver availability this week, it’ll change.

(Peter Dave) #7

I remember back in May when the guarantees were 2.6x. I was LOVING that shit!

(Mitchel) #8

It’s so foolish how they believe tricks are the best way to do business. I bet there will be lesser and lesser drivers out there. Cause people are starting to think straight off the box.

(Haris_McMan) #9

Not at the rate the are adverting on radio TV, banners on webpages, yet they list $1.5bn si greedy

(Amanda Halen) #10

It’s not just gonna be less drivers, but passengers as well. All passengers I’ve had this week “98” have said they like lyft better. So, they’ll start losing a bit more than 1.2 billion…:grinning: sorry to hear your leaving

(Maurice Nixon) #11

And I love how there was no warning, no announcement, nothing. Just a ninja pulling the rug out from under us.

(Andrew Martin) #12

Maybe this is Users way of cleaning out the riff raff. How many of you drivers discriminate based on the Dropoff?? In my market it seems like most drivers wont drive beyond 10 miles or actually fulfill a request by a female late at night unless she gives up her dignity…

(Kimberly Nelson) #13

And on Labor Day to boot. Way to tell us that you don’t give a shit about hard working people, Uber. Your PR is a fucking miracle.

(Sharon Green) #14

Hey man. I know you have some skills, plus that writing skills people always enjoy from reading your posts… Something great is waiting for you. Go get it! My promotions also started to burst… Before it was great. Looks like Uber need to save money to bait new drivers.

(Sue Cooper) #15

I knew this day was coming. When our incentives cease in San Francisco it’s gonna be really hard on all the drivers who’ve been banking on this. And our cost of living is so high here, even when the money is great it’s hard to save. It’s just expensive as fuck to be here, period. There are over 30,000 drivers in the Bay Area. No idea how many are full time. It’s gotta be a lot tho. When the offers stop coming in, and drivers go back to relying on the terrifyingly low rates, hopefully every smart driver stops driving and figures something else out. Gonna be rough when 30,000 people are looking for jobs at the same time.

(Donna Harris) #16

Turns out not all drivers got the shaft this week. My friend got her hourly guarantee in her offer. Uber seems to be discriminating … Wish we had collective bargaining.

(Michaela Biksacky) #17

Well uber n lyft is for those who work extra money not full time thats the way it is. How many are sayin they quit here???

(Sheena Washington) #18

It would be reasonable to drive your car and handle all the expenses for at least 2.5 times that crappy amount.

(Brendan Halai) #19

So people lets get quit all together all members who talk negative starting tomorrow no uber driving lyft please!

(William Murphy) #20

Be glad y got that, my guarantee in cgicago tfor labor day weekend was do 33 trips get 80.00. Wow…didn’t even drive