What are Uber's Sign-up and Incentive Bonuses?

When applying for an Uber drivers job, there are moments and places where great bonuses are applied as an incentive to get new drivers. The bonuses differ a lot, sometimes they can be $500 for a 75 ride within 30 days bonus, and that's in addition to your Uber income generated by the rides. Since Uber is the market leader, they tend to offer the more lucrative bonuses.

Sign-Up Bonus Incentives as a reason to sign up

When you decide to join Uber, don't use the sign-up bonus as an incentive to become a driver. Ride-share driving is a commitment. You will find that you are driving weird hours, more hours and taking on many responsibilities. You will also be facing some unusual passengers, drunk and disorderly, teens and toddlers that can make driving one mile the longest mile you have ever driven. To be blunt, the only difference between you and a professional driver, taxi driver, is a license. Otherwise, you are both the same. So now that you understand this issue, and the fact that you will be accountable for all your actions, financial, legal and social, are you truly sure you are ready to become n Uber driver.

How to claim a bonus

So you have decided to become an Uber driver, and taken into account all the challenges involved in becoming a ride-share drier. It's time to get your sign-up bonus.

  • Do not go to the Uber website and register online; this will not entitle you to a sign-up bonus.

What you need to do is get a referral from an Uber driver, and with that referral, go to the Uber offices closest to you and claim your bonus with your application.

How big is the bonus

Usually, the bigger the city, the bigger the bonus. There is no definitive list of bonuses and if there were it would still need to be updated on a daily basis, since bonuses tend to be seasonal rather than static. If you want to find out what a sign-up bonus is, you can try to contact the Uber office in your city and ask directly. Or better yet, go into the Uber office where you will be signing up, and ask them directly.

Sign-up Bonus terms

As with all legal documents, and make no mistake, a sign-up bonus is a legal document. You must read all the details about the requirements to get the bonus. In other words, don't expect to walk in and get $1,000 in cash and presto all is done. You will need to accept the requirements which include some rides within a period. Only after completing your bonus requirements will you be entitled to get the money.

Remember, the time it takes to register is around 15 days. So if you are packed for money, and the reason you are signing up is the bonus, don't bother, because after waiting 15 days to sign up, you will have to wait another 30 days, or whatever period Uber offers until you are entitled to get the bonus.

Uber's retro-active sign-up bonuses

If you signed up to Uber without using a referral code, you have 15 days from the date of activation to give Uber the referral code. If you are not sure of the date of activation, just wait for an e-mail or text message from Uber informing you of your activation. Then quickly find a driver that will give you a referral code so you can apply for your bonus. When applying for a referral code bonus, you will need to provide the referral code, the name of the driver and the driver's e-mail address. You will find the application process in the Uber drivers app under Account->Help->Payments and Rewards->Driver Referrals->Report a missing referral. You can also apply for the bonus through the Uber support email address if they don't reply to your request within 2-3 days, use the app.

Best Bonus Seasons

Uber usually reserves the best sign-up bonuses to Haloween and New Years Eve, which are the two busiest nights of the year. Uber will also raise the bonuses in April and May in preparation for the summer rushes.

Uber Incentive Bonuses

Once you become an Uber driver, you will occasionally get bonus incomes from Surges, Hot Spots, and Guarantees. Here is a brief explanation of these incentive programs.


Once you are signed up and received your sign-up bonus, you will want to continue raising your basic income. Extra income can be reached through a Guarantee. A guarantee is a form of bonus incentive, in that it offers drivers a limited time offer to make as many rides as possible and receive a greater portion of income or even double the ride income.

Surges/Hot Spots

Uber offers another incentive, Surge prices, and Hot Spot incentives. A surge is when a sudden massive increase in demand occurs in a specific area. To make sure the demand is met quickly, Uber offers drivers a larger ride income, sometimes and quite often this will be double the income of a regular ride.

Hot spots also work similarly. A hot spot is spread over a wider area and coverage might require many drivers. If a driver can manage to make a return visit, it is possible to take two rides.

The downside with surges and hot spots are the time it takes to drive to them if the driver is not near one. Usually, when a surge occurs, and the driver is not near it, then it is not worth running after, especially when you take into account traffic conditions and the number of drivers near the surge.