What are the differences between Amazon Flex Prime Now and Amazon Flex Logistics?

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Amazon Flex provides two different devices for their customers, a standard commercial logistics delivery service, and a prime now fast delivery service. As a driver, you must know which warehouse to pick up the packages from since they are two sperate buildings as well as connecting online via two different websites. The golden rule is to remember or think of them as two different companies with similar names, and that way you won't be confused.

The Amazon Prime Now service can be found at primenow.amazon.com, and this service is faster than Logistics, blocks are usually 1-2 hours and deliveries are smaller in number. The deliveries are to be found in a different warehouse location. Also, highly important to note, Prime Now includes food deliveries, which means it's a door to door restaurant delivery service and not just a package delivery service, so the items you need, and mode of transportation are different.

| Prime Now | Logistics |
| Type of Parcels | Prime Packages (boxes) | Parcels (in paper bags/insulated bags) |
| Hourly Pay | $18/hr + Tips ($22-$25/hr) | $18/hr |
| Blocks | 1,2,3, or 4 hr blocks | 3 or 4-hour blocks |
| Block Type | Warehouse and Restaurant-only Blocks | Warehouse Only Blocks |
| # Stops | 2-10 stops | 20-50 stops |
| # Parcels | 5-20 parcels | 30-70 packages |

Parcel Types

Amazon Flex Prime Now parcels are usually sealed in paper bags with tape or in case of food in insulated bags. These packages tend to be small and don't take up much space, unless you get a large bottle delivery. In most cases, you will be able to put the packages in your back seat.

Amazon Flex Logistics will deliver packages in all shapes and sizes. They can even be very large and heavy, so your car must be capable of taking large boxes. This means, match the car to the service you are providing and don't use a small two door coupe.

Payment Types

Both services pay a base rate of $18 per hour. The main difference between the two are in the tips, Prime Now get tipped while Logistics do not. This means that Prime Now may reach $22 to $25 per hour of deliveries, but they have smaller blocks, Logistics might earn only $18 per hour but have larger blocks to deliver.

Block Types

Amazon Flex Logistics is a warehouse pickup only, so, there is only one block type.

Prime Now has three deliveries pick up options;

  • Warehouse for multiple deliveries of nonperishables, usually just Logistics packages that need fast delivery.
  • Restaurants only, where you will be sent to a number of restaurants to pick up readymade meals for delivery. This is Amazon Flex's competition to DoorDash, UberEats, etc. You have to match the equipment you use to the service type you take, and this is imperative for hot and cold food deliveries.
  • Supermarkets where you will pick up grocery deliveries and also competes with Postmates and such services.

Block Periods

Amazon Flex Prime now blocks are shorter in length due to the nature of the delivery, you must deliver your items very quickly, sometimes within minutes in the case of restaurants and within one hour for warehouse deliveries. The blocks are limited to 2 hours, some can be 3 hours for restaurant blocks. Grocery and Warehouse blocks can be short such as 1 or 2 hours.

Amazon Flex Logistics are all a 3 or four-hour blocks, they vary based on the time of day, 3 ours are usually limited to morning deliveries and four-hour blocks to the afternoon. If you are lucky you might get two blocks on the same day.

Stopping Times

Amazon Flex Prime Now deliveries are limited to no more than 10 stops for a warehouse schedule, for restaurant deliveries you will most probably have two an hour on a busy block.

Amazon Flex Logistics has anywhere between 20 to 50 stops per block. When performing a morning block for Logistics, it is advisable to have a route planned properly since you will encounter traffic and parking issues.

Parcel Count

Amazon Flex Prime Now is limited to 20 parcels, where a usual warehouse block will provide anywhere between 5 to 20 parcels for delivery.

Amazon Flex Logistics will have anywhere between 30 to 70 parcels and the larger the parcel the less you will have. The number of parcels for delivery varies greatly between blocks.


Amazon Flex Logistics tend to earn more money in the long run due to the number of hours in a shift, while Prime Now might enjoy a more relaxed number or deliveries they do get tips which balances out the easier shift option.

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