Well I am out of Uber jail and free to post my comments and opinion again

So I say this to the administrators and people who manage this group.
How dare you censor me for speaking my mind , when over my time here I have been repeatedly attacked , threatened and bullied.
The moderators of this group are a collective of spineless cowards.
I can understand blocking or banning someone, but to do so with out explination is the height of cowardess. Reminds me of what Uber would do.
So…who actually runs this group, drivers, or Uber?

Where is it ok to name call admin on ANY page? Ban coming in 5…4…3…2…:joy::joy::joy:

seem like kind of a dick, are you kind of a dick? I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re kind of a dick.

Oh, 2nd or 3rd post down on your page is islamaphobic nonsense. Yep. You’re kind of a dick.

I object to any group who feels that they are above the laws of my country, based on the god they worship. I object to any person who feels they should be treated differently, than anyone else, because of religion, colour, or sex.

yup and you reply hella quick with your boring ass life! I’m actually out here working making money not pretending to be important on Facebook like you lol. Poor thing

You’re over here talking shit to a female on Facebook. Calling someone you don’t even know a feminist because I didn’t mute someone who was telling you to quit being a little bitch. That’s all this is. Two bitches going back and forth about something pointless because one bitch won’t let another bitch sleep. I have kids. Get a life you little baby back bitch. :purple_heart:

:joy::joy::joy: someone did but that’s ok, It didn’t need to be said because we all know you are anyways. No one blocked anyone from the page. You want to be a little pussy and cry about shit and that’s fine. It’s hilarious that you think you know what you’re talking about when you have no idea. I will however remove you for the group for being a little bitch.

When I first joined this group, I was hoping to meet drivers who were willing to help each other. Drivers who would discuss issues and maybe work together to make things better. Instead, I was met with petty, back stabbing whiners who seem to get a chubby from attacking each other to make their ego bigger. What a sad bunch of slime we are. No wonder Uber and Lyft can economically rape us. We couldn’t agree on the colour of shit.

Why not start your own driver page and recruit folk like you? Why protest in a forum you despise and obviously doesn’t VALUE you?

And there in lay my point. I was blocked and not told why. And now I am being attacked, bullied, name called, yet I am sure, the administrators will do nothing to the members who are doing this to me.

Anytime we see it, we do something about it. You want to make a baby back bitch post about how we run things but all those times someone called you all those names you didn’t report it what do you expect us to do!?

she was trying to be respectful to you as well but since she didn’t agree with you, you decided to stoop to everyone else’s level and call her a cunt. You were wrong, you got muted. That’s how it goes. Next time someone hurts your precious little heart, tag me. I’ll personally mute or ban them

Which tells me a lot about the administrators of this site. “Look out people. Like Uber, you could be blocked or banned at the whim of administration, and for made up causes. Plus, like Uber, you will not be told why or given a chance to defend yourself.”

This is a Facebook group. A dime a dozen. If you don’t like it, tough shit, find another group. Would you like a few links to some?

We are all adults here. If you can’t act like one, we treat you like a child and put you on a time out. Now being an adult I don’t feel I need to scold you for all your little Facebook friends to see. How embarrassing. Just take it like a man, enjoy your view for the week, and get back into it when it’s over. Maybe learn from your mistake, don’t call people cunts, and try to be a little nice and we will never have to talk again.

look I know the guy is annoying but he does have a point. People on here talk shit to each other all day. The guy got defensive and called someone a cunt so what’s the difference from that then all the other crap that happens on almost every post ?

it wasn’t necessarily him calling her a cunt. It was everything. She wasn’t being a bitch to him. They literally just disagreed and he went crazy. There’s a difference in calling someone a name and going all out and acting like a douche bag. He went too far. I don’t need to justify my actions to you or anyone. The admin and moderators agree with me so that’s that. We have rules. Follow them or be banned. Maybe I’ll just do that instead of muting so people can stop being little bitches and making these posts and calling people names. People are always saying they’re being “mistreated” but never even bring it to our attention. Closed mouths don’t get fed.

Yall funny. How have none if you realized Emily here is a feminazi and it was the use of the word count that offended her delicate sensibilities. No one who derogatorily uses the Male anatomy will be blocked because she ok with that. But use a part of the female anatomy and shes done. The other dude asking about calling people pussies is proof positive. And if it’s not just her it’s the entire group of admins. Bunch of liberal safe space using entitled people.

This is a Facebook group. There is no monetary value to the people who run this group. They just volunteer their time moderating a bunch of whiny puss I asses. Give them a break!

lmao you really dont pay attention to every post I guess. And that closed mouths line is bs cause when that Carter guy told me to go do a drive buy and I said whatever I said yo him he reported me to you and you just put his dumb ass on blast haha but ok.