We did finally get a good driver who received an exceptional tip for exceptional service

Last night I requested a pickup at the airport. I was with my 92 year old Mom who was using an airport wheelchair and I had to push her and carry all the luggage to the proper pick up zone after the airport assistant dropped my mom off in the wrong zone.

I texted the driver to let him know exactly where we were so I didn’t have to try and get to him. There was not a lot of traffic so he could easily have pulled up to us. Instead, he goes to the wrong pickup zone and before I could call him he cancelled the ride. He never called or texted me.

I called another Uber. He called me immediately. I told him where I was and he started the ride as soon as he received my request. When he got to us I asked him if he started the ride before he picked us up and he said he did. I told him you can’t do that. He said yes I can. I wanted to know where you were going. I told him I am an Uber driver and I know you are not supposed to do that. He began removing my bags from his car and I cancelled the ride. I was charged $6.50, but I disputed it by stating what I have written here and received a refund. In the email I got from Uber they stated, “Please keep in mind that you’ve reported a high number of poor trip experiences as compared to other riders.” I report honestly for good and bad service, but not usually for a refund. This was an exception.

I’m glad you and your mom FINALLY got a good PERSON to drive you. The other two were COMPLETELY out of line.

They should be banned for life from platform. It’s unacceptable to do so as the first and 2nd driver did.

WTF… this is not a way to respond a complain … if they do this to a rider, imagine what they do to a driver…

Hold up the guy called you immediately? Did you report that to Uber? That is the only thing that was done wrong in this situation. The other stuff is semantics and ettiqute. That arguing and saying you drive for uber too only esculates a situation.

Not the only issue. He called immediately and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is that he started the trip immediately, before picking her up or even finding her, to cherry-pick.

You are not allowed to start the meter before you pick up the rider. You are not supposed to know where your rider is going before you pick them up. He was trying to pull something over on me and once he knew that I knew that, he kicked me to the curb. Everything was wrong with what he did after he called me and is against Uber policy.

All companies use the points system now. They take your word on face value and give both parties a point to weed out who is causing the trouble.

It is easy enough for Uber to check the time difference on his record between the ping and distance to pick up to know he started the ride early.

They dont care…uber is a computer app and some guys in a call center in India. They dont give a damn. Easier to just refund you and say sorry we understand and give both of yall a point.

I call all my pax at the airport first just to let them know the designated zone I’m allowed to pick them up then and to also let them know how far out I am. Customers really appreciate my call.

NO ITS NOT. LOL. It’s for confirmation the pax will b at a certain destination bc at airports, it could be anywhere.

I don’t believe Uber call centers to be in India. Don’t be And not only in Philippines either Mary Varallo.
I do know they have one of likely many in Phoenix.

I never get to speak to anyone in Phoenix and trust me I have called over 20 times and I joined about 8 weeks ago.

I took the LAX test and waited for the placard. It never came, called again, they said it was in the mail and it never showed up after 4 weeks. Called again they said to take the test again (I did 5 times) and they said to take a photo of the Congratulations message and they said its in the mail. Still no sign of it, got fed up and went to the HUB in Redondo Beach and had it in my hands in less than 5 minutes.

There were other times to when people left stuff in my car and then when trips were not on my app or they said there wasn’t a surge when there was one etc.

my Uber gal here in upstate NY gave me two and then the one came in the mail about a month later. Going there personally is helpful for that.

Uber does complaints on a points system i believe. If u complain u get a point and the driver gets a point. If you keep complaining your points accumulate and its determined that you are the problem. So paying an extra 10 cents because he started the ride early is not worth it.

If something is against policy and an attempt to rip off someone of course I will report it. If I had taken the ride he would have gotten a 1 and I would have had to explain anyway.

All the driver had to do was accept the ride, pick them up and take them safely to their destination. SIMPLE.