We did finally get a good driver who received an exceptional tip for exceptional service


(Bector Ernest) #21

Y’all would be surprised what a lot of people would do “for the hustle” :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

(Kelly Hector) #22

Sorry you and your mom had to go through that. Here are a few things I do to make for an easier pick-up.

The driver should be contacting the passenger before and after arrival. This keeps the wait times low and gives the customer a chance to respond with extra information. I have written this following article for new drivers to use as a guideline for quick professional service. Some of these posts are very concerning to me and I hope some drivers and passengers can benefit from this information.

(Jack Dolen) #23

We all agree there’s a problem here with low quality drivers with bad attitudes tarnishing Uber’s reputation. I have not seen any solution suggested.

(Lisa Markee) #24

Kind of a boring story… This is what goes on a million times a day in America

What’s your point??

(Christian Odom) #25

They are deactivating drivers who pick up before they actually pick up. They are also deactivating those who call to find out destination and cancel.

(Brahim Decker) #26

Brother it’s messed up what those damn drivers do to passengers…call them to find out how far they are going?? It’s wrong…

(Cody Parker) #27

You actually don’t pay extra if they start the trip early; you pay the same fare you were quoted unless you make a stop or change the destination.

(Marsha_Smith) #28

Actually that is not true. The fare quoted is only an estimate. A change in route or a traffic jam will change the fare accordingly.

(Chris Stipe) #29

Significance is relative. And it doesn’t really matter. Drivers are not supposed to know the destination prior to pick up. Period.

(Rakesh Sharma) #30

did you get charged extra before you complained to Uber? I guarantee that you got charged extra with the upfront fare. Oh well, some people enjoy paying Uber more without the driver getting extra.

(Abdul Karim) #31

The trip should not start until the pax is in the vehicle. He didn’t start the trip to get paid more. He started the trip to see their final destination, to see if he wanted it. Cherry picking.