Waze been shitty lately

Is it just me or has Waze been kind of shitty lately? Not useless. Just seems like unnecessary turns that create longer rides are happening more often these days. Thoughts?

Likely the integration with Google Maps going on in the background…eventually…there’ll be only one of them left. Waze lately, has been sucking pretty hard tho…

Google maps for driver is best. I was a pax yesterday while I’m on vacation in Florida. My Lyft Destiination was 8.5
miles but driver used for used Waze instead end up being 16.5 miles. The driver who picked me up to bring me back home to my designation use Google maps and it was 8.5 miles exactly. So I complain to Lyft about it being in the 16.5 miles using Waze with my first driver and they credit me back money. When I use Waze as a driver, I had passengers complaining that it took the scenic route and longer routes then Google maps.

with the new upfront pricing riders pay for the longest route and largest amount of time it takes to get to the destination

Yea, something is completely off with that entire story. DOUBLE the distance…I think not. The only possible way that could happen is if the driver had certain “avoids” on. Even at that, twice as far is hard to believe. Unless of course twice as far is faster. Waze (if enabled to) will certainly do that. I’ve had much further, distance wise, be much faster, time wise. Often, actually.

when I asked for a pick up, a charge was for 8.5 miles but Waze and the Lyft driver who was driving me used Waze and 16.5 miles. So lyft saw it and refunded me my money. I’m in Florida vacationing so I went from the vacation condo to Barnes and noble bookstore. Turned around request Lyft from Barnes and Noble back mr vacation condo. See pics below.
The one that it took longer more miles and cost more was my original pick up to designation. I’m on vacation I don’t know anything about how to get anywhere in Clearwater Florida because I am from Louisville Kentucky and a Lyft driver too.

I didn’t change the Destiination my driver did and was in adequate. I had to pull out my Google Maps on my phone to get and give her directions because she couldn’t operate the Waze app. waze stopped giving her directions so she was going in a circle.waze closed on her too.

I didn’t change anything I don’t live in Florida I don’t know anywhere else to go. All I did was go from the condo that I’m staying at address to Barnes and Noble to address back to the condo I’m staying at on the Beach in Florida.

The driver did tell me that she knew nothing about Clearwater Fl, she lived in Tampa. and she was using Waze and I said why don’t use Google and she said oh it’s a shorter route. she didn’t know I was the driver for Lyft. She told me She makes more money with waze, longer route.

first it seems to be crashing a lot and taking me on longer rides as well. another problem I have is that its not reading where im at which prevents me from turning when im supposed to. Im fine in areas that im very familiar with but outside those areas, waze has cause me more problems than ever before.

Waze is owned by google so not sure how you feel one is better then the other in honesty if your settings are right Waze is far better then google plus has saved me a lot of speeding tickets

Waze was used on me as a passenger yesterday and Florida and going to my destinations have it 8.5 miles and it end up being 16.5 miles. Coming home using Lyft from the drop off destination to back to the same place I was picked up the Lyft Driver used Google maps and it was a 8.5 miles exactly and that’s what it was should’ve been going to my Destiination. There is a difference in the two

Bottom pick used on me for Google Maps and coming back from my original Destiination back to my pick up point original pick up point. Look at the difference.

I agree the driver had his settings to longer ride it’s a tactic to combat the upfront pricing Uber and Lyft do I don’t agree with it but that looks like what was done Usually with Waze if your settings are correct it’s amazing to use. The benefit is you can edit maps and fix map errors.

Google maps will tell you when to turn about a second and a half or two before Waze does. That makes a big difference in big cities!

Google Maps is better… I’ve done thousands of rise with each GPS and Google is better if you have to make a right and then a quick left Google will tell you before you make your first turn waze won’t! Google bought Waze years ago they own them and they have gotten much better used to be they would not tell you they found a faster route now they do that all the time

I’ma throw down some fighting words. Waze is better for drivers who already know their city and use it more for traffic and route confirmation. It loads faster, allows you to chose a different route easier and warns you about more things. I haven’t used Google maps in three years but I also haven’t hit a piece of debris on the road in that time and I’m not willing to risk trying Google maps and nailing a new pothole for my trouble.

when I use Waze as a driver I had customers complaining that it was the scenic route the longer route and they were met paying more money. So I went back to Google Maps which I think is 100% better.

I don’t think a slightly longer route costs a rider more money. The driver just gets a little more if there is longer mileage and time.

With Google Maps you also have your option to pick a different route… the only good thing that I liked about ways was the police reported ahead and red light cameras… the rest of it Google is way better they have improved tremendously since they bought Waze years ago