Was I wrong to cancel ride from a bitchy rider?

Went to pick up a passenger in North Beach. She was on the left side of the street. The safest place for me to stop was about 50-100 feet away from her pin drop on the opposite side of the street. It was a residential street and there was a cross walk directly in front of where she dropped the pin. I get there and click arrive. She calls my phone and say “yeah, I’m just wondering where you are because the app said you are here but you are not.” I told her I was pulled over at the safest place for me to stop, she said “You need to turn around and come to where I am, that is where I entered the pick up for” I rolled down the window and waved to her to show her how close I was, she said “like I said, you need to pick me up where I am not where you are” I was pissed. I flipped a bitch and drove to her, rolled down my window and said I didn’t want her in my car if she was going to be confrontational, she said " oh, you’re a bitch" I said yep, good luck waiting for another ride in the freezing ass cold princess. Was I wrong? I knew she was going to be bitchy and give me a low rating so I cancelled on her and marked her as a no show because she refused to walk 50 feet to my car.

Yea sounds good she was being a entitled brat. Yea canceling is always best that way no rating

I try to get as close as I can at first. But with the snow the riders need to be flexible. It’s probably better not to have a princess in your car. What would have been real funny is if she didn’t cancel, to lock your doors and turn your dash cam on her and text her… “I’m waiting 5 min to get my fee, or you can cancel right now.”

I would have done a U-ey, pulled up right in front of her, and just kept on going.

You’re not in the wrong if she was demanding for you to go to her. After the call I would’ve just played dumb, turned around and drive off without saying anything and cancelled. But cool points for you :+1:t3:

I had a women pull this on me last week. I was across the street, where at the address shown. We looked at each other for at least two minutes because I thought she was going to cross the street after the cars pass. She said finally, “Are you Eric?” I confirmed. She said, “I’m on this side because I’m going the opposite way” I looked at he address and I was facing right direction. I looked at the name and said, “Are you Sue?” She confirmed. I said, “the place you’re going is this way.” She said, “no it’s not, it’s this way” she finally crossed the street and got in the car. As I drove off, she apologized saying she lost a sense of direction and thought she was somehow further north than she was.

Anyway u not suppose to know where she goes (with uber) before you start the trip. Some stupid customers think we’re psychics sometimes lol

Those kind of people will rape your rating and get pleasure from it. I wish I denied rides more often. You get that gut feeling, let some jackhole in your car and then stress out the whole time. It’s not even worth it.

Once they show any sign of being a jack hole, never let them in your car.

Its better to just cancel if you can & just driving off, you did great I personally would of just drove off without telling them anything thou. That was nice of you to let them know.

I’d do the same. People are really unreasonable. I can’t count how many times idiots stand at a vet busy corner and expect to get picked up there

With this job I’ve learned that you can show up fast, be polite, have a clean car, nice clothes, drive safe, get them there fast and thank them when they leave and they still won’t give you five stars. Some people are just assholes!

I hear that! And they don’t give a shit if they get bad ratings because they still get rides regardless for super cheap. I’m not going to risk an accident or a ticket to appease some spoiled brat who isn’t gonna tip or give 5 stars anyway

The problem with that is that most uber drivers will l
Pick her up where she wants to be picked up. Not right but that’s what it is

I don’t understand how people think that we can just pull up or stop wherever they want us to…I actually see uber drivers waiting in some really unsafe and ridiculous places and/or blocking off traffic, which I get, you’re trying to make the customer happy but I feel like they need to receive a mass email stating the fact that their driver has the right to find q safe, legal and respectful place to safety pick up passengers…no, I can’t stop on a 1 way street with traffic backed up behind me so that I’m directly at your doorstep. I can’t just pull over at a busy ass intersection while traffic is flowing at 40 mph, may have to turn the corner 40 feet away from you so that I don’t cause an accident! And when people want to be picked up on their side of the street and get all pissy like "well why did you have to pass me and then turn around?..that’s how being a good driver works! I’ve seen way too many uber drivers pulling a u in the middle of fast traffic or blocking the road off trying to get to a turn that they miss…come on people, is getting there 60 seconds sooner worth causing an accident, causing a traffic jam or getting a ticket?

Last night I was working in Hollywood after two am. There’s a club on sunset and crescent heights called Hyde. There were still about fifty people trying to get rides at 2:30 in the morning. I got summoned and there were about six uber and Lyft cars double parked in front blocking traffic. So I pulled past all of them and parked in the liquor store parking lot about 100 feet from the front of the club. Then I called the girl I was picking up and let her know where I was. Boom. No problem.

I was at the Hyde last night. Some girl walked up to my Chrysler 300, and started yanking at my locked door handle, and she peered into the window and said, “you’re a Lincoln, right?” How does someone get so drunk that they can’t match the description on the app to the car they’re trying to find? [shakes head]

I call my pax who tell me they will be on the corner to not stand on the far corner of the street where I will be blocking traffic. It’s amazing how many people lack common sense and good judgment.

Yes I have learned the hard way to just let the fare go because it won’t be worth the atmosphere in the car and worse if it is a long ride. Plus guaranteed poor rating.

You did the right thing. Never take rude or inconsiderate people into your car. Cancel and move on.