Was amazed how fast Uber handled this situation. !

Picked up a Pax adult with her handicapped child about 5-6 years. old. I dropped them off at Children’s Hospital . After they exited I looked in the back seat and noticed a huge wet spot on the seating area where the child was sitting… She obviously urninated on my seat. I took a couple of pictures and drove directly to the car wash / detail shop.
Got an estimate and uploaded to Uber. Literally within 20 mins I had received an email back acknowledging the issue and within another 10 mins I was given a $150 credit to my account and Pax was charged for it. |16x16:slight_smile:

What an asshole. I can understand charging a drunk 200 bucks for throwing up in your car but to charge a mother and child (and one with a handicap no less) that much is both heartless and ridiculous.

She should have taken precautions it’s not his job to clean up someone’s mess

All these people want equality and not looked at as disabled but then you have a situation like this. If I have a kid and he urinates it’s my responsibility to fix that disabled or not

I’d say you’re an ass is she offered to clean it and you declined or even if she said hey I’m sorry this is my situation I can’t afford it. To get the kid out and not say anything is just wrong

At least youre not completely heartless.

Maybe next time a situation like that occurs you can offer to put down a cheap plastic tablecloth before the ride starts.

Well, who knew it would happen and I’m not a hillbilly and carry a plastic tablecloth in my car… maybe you do… good advice for yourself asshole

OK, no offense, but how much shit would he get if he said “hold on one second… I’m going to put this plastic tablecloth down for your daughter”. I’m sure the mother would be offended and everyone on here would be tearing him a new one for treating someone that is disabled like that. Can’t win.

I, as a mother, would be offended if someone insisted that my child sit on a plastic tablecloth like an animal that is going to undoubtedly dirty up the car. I do believe that the mother should have said something, offered to clean it, hell… offer an apology at least.

I would accept the cleanup fee plus given her a 1 star… Your car is some people’s livelihood! The mother should had been more responsible in making sure her child was suitable for transportation… or call metro access not uber

yeah it explains a lot. It explains that he doesn’t have some corporate job making huge money. And he also has a picture of his cute dog so as a dog lover that explains a lot. Also as law enforcement he’s seen and done so much you’d never understand. Helped hurting people. Investigated tragic circumstances. Put his own life in danger for strangers… Btw, I’m not a police officer, but if you or your kid urinate on my seat, I’m reporting it, submitting bills to Uber and getting compensated for clean up and my lost potential wages. It’s Uber who has a cold heart and charging a mother with a disabled kid $150. Uber has a system, this man used it correctly and you’re judging. Wow.

I’m glad to see a like minded driver in here. If mom would have even offered to help, I would have had different feelings. Instead she just bounced.

No its not ridiculous. I would have charged her too. It’s not the drivers fault and he shouldn’t have to bear the expense. Why would you assume the parents of the child is poor. They could be wealthy and be able to afford this charge.

So, the mother never asks her child (handicapped or not), whether or not they need to go potty, before leaving in a trip? This child should be allowed to pee all over every Uber/Lyft vehicle they get into? How many seats can they wet in a day before someone calls them out?

Better yet, what if I covertly unzipped my pants and left a nice big wet spot, snuck out, didn’t apologize, nor offer to help clean it up? The whole point (beside the speed in which Uber addressed) is that the mother, the supposedly responsible one, Who can afford Uber (bus, walking, trans services, metro/subway all cheaper) ,made absolutely zero effort to even mention the accident, much less apologize, or help clean up. Those of u arguing for compassion dint seem to see that mom had none, and earned her $150 cleaning fee.

Totally fair .they have services for the handicapp. This is what the impatient mom gets…for skiping on the service and calling an uber

maybe it was an emergency. Let’s be kind to a lady in a tough situation.
Besides I hear those services are way over booked and can take weeks to get an appointment.

I use to run a paratransit service and I understand. But for being impatient and not wanting to deal with the system is not our problem. …yes I feel bad that I would have to charge this poor mother a fee .but this is how I support my family as well .

it could be a “new situation” for the kid. It could be she thought this behavior was “old behavior”. Could be a catheter became undone. I’m agreeing with everything u said. I just give her “intent” the benefit of the doubt. And fully agree no matter what driver gets compensated.

Are you dense? Glad you’re in the position to replace a backseat out of the kindness of your heart…