Was amazed how fast Uber handled this situation. !


(Laura Lee) #21

Aside from the obvious argument here which I agree you did the right thing, why are you driving a 5 year old around without a car seat?

(Abel) #22

As a mother of a handicapped child, both physically and mentally, I don’t blame you one bit! It’s MY responsibility not yours to take precautions with him. Yes, I’ve had problems with no wheelchair access and other things I feel need addressing, but I in NO way expect someone else to pay for any mess he might make. You guys are insulting to the disabled!!

(Chris Stipe) #23

I’m so amazed that a post who’s intent was to show Uber handled a cleaning fee promptly and without a hassle had become this thread.

I’m betting the OP is a bit bewildered by the turn this post has taken.

(Marsha_Smith) #24

Totally would have let that slide… poor mom is already struggling I’d bet and bam… fuckit here’s a 150 dollar charge for something your special needs child couldn’t control. Sometimes humanity has to come before profit.

(Jeremy Mwan) #25

Should the corporation or the driver eat it then? I mean honestly she should have used uberassist since they are the ones that sign up for these calls and should have a system for this

(Cody Parker) #26

You would be surprised at how effective dawn dishwashing liquid is for cleanups of all kinds.

(Garrent George) #27

A handicap child they should have give zero. My counsicence wouldnt let me .

(Christian Odom) #28

Michael how much time will it take to have your vehicle rider ready?

(Lisa Markee) #29

If the child is handicap and not able to hold their bodily functions they should have been wearing a diaper. So that’s the first thing. Secondly the mother obviously knew the situation once she pulled the child from he car and didn’t mention it to the driver.

If she would have said something to the effect that she knew and apologized I myself wouldn’t have made it out to be a big deal. But because she didn’t say anything and refused to clean it herself it’s not up to the driver to have to take a loss because of a piss poor mom.

I’m more worried about this child now having to sit in their urine soaked clothes until mom changes them. That concerns me with the health of that child.

(Jack Dolen) #30

It’s a good thing you looked. How embarrassing if you were to pick up another person. It would have been nice if they would have at least told you, it’s hard to assume they didn’t realize it.

(Mark Moore) #31

You deserved to be compensated but not sure why this is brag, smiley face worthy…

(Kelly Hector) #32

Getting your back seat shampooed and allowing it to dry will take a day… in DC we earn anything from $150 to $500 a day depending which days so honestly $150 is on the low end in the D.C. market

(Bector Ernest) #33

So many rude comments geez! I got tired of reading them and didn’t read all. You did the right thing Michael and it’s good to know Uber was very responsive.

(Melinda Foster) #34

To all the naysayers who feels OP did something bad, go ahead and have someone pee in your car and tell me if you would not like to be compensated. Smdh

(Jonathan Green) #35

Oh dear gawd. Stop. I have a disabled child. If he peed in the car…he caused damage. Having a special needs child does not equal special treatment. Knock it off.

(Peter Nelson) #36

People saying all kinds of stuff that it’s not right, not ethical. Your tone would change so quick when it happens to you. Without discrimation, you break, you buy. That’s it

(Harold Young) #37

Why did you drive this child without a car seat or booster seat. That’s illegal.

(Dennis Scott) #38

All these comments but all i can think is why is this 5-6 year old (disabled or not) riding without a car seat? Car seat would have saved your seat too.

(Allicia Lopez) #39

It is disrespectful for the mother to not let u know her kid pissed in your car. She knew cuz I’m sure the kid alerted her. She saw it or smelled it. She though she was getting away with fucking up your car.150 is a lot but u had to clean it and wait for your seats to dry so u were not able to drive during that time period and u should be compensated accordingly. I had an incident pax didn’t let me know and uber took care of me so a 10.00 uber pool costed them 160 with the cleaning fee

(Jerry Hall) #40

Perhaps UBER could eat the fee out of the kindest of their heart?

No driver should have to replace their backseat out of pocket.