Uber's New Consecutive Trip Feature with Bonuses for Uber Drivers

One of the biggest concerns that all rideshare drivers face is a common concern shared by all taxi drivers over the years; Seamless driving, or what Uber calls Consecutive Trips.

Uber has now come up with a new feature that should meet this issue head on but is more of an incentive program rather then an actual scheduler. Their program offers incentives for drivers that will find a way to drive consecutively without cancelling rides, and they will give you a bonus for performing 3 rides in a row.

Their bonuses are:


7am–9am: $8

5pm–7pm: $9


7am–9am: $9

5pm–7pm: $10

Their only rule is that you perform 3 trips in a row without going offline, rejecting or cancelling a ride. The incentive is not constant, it is going to fluctuate based on city areas, so I expect that this is some kid of surge pricing guarantee hybrid.

How Consecutive Trip's works

Check to see if you get a promotional message for consecutive trips.

Accept all rides during the promotion; this means reading the promotion carefully and understanding how many trips are needed to complete the guarantee. You can do this as many times as you want, so long as the area, you drive in, is within the "geofence" that the promotion relates to.


Q. What categories are included in the consecutive trips bonus scheme?

A. All Uber categories as well as UberPOOL and UberEats. However, UberPOOL is counted as one complete trip, not as separate trips per passenger. UberEats can be mixed with UberX and other categories and will be accumulated into the calculation.

Q. Is there a time limit for consecutive trips?

A. No, all you have to do is start the first one during the promotion period, and once the period is over Uber will calculate how many consecutive trips you made without cancelling, rejecting or going offline during the time period.

Q. Are consecutive trips also inclusive in Quest promotions?

A. Yes.

Q. How can I check how many consecutive trips I have made?

A. There is a blue tracker on the top right side of your app screen; you can watch that to see how many rides you are accumulating.

Q. If a rider cancels does that count as a cancellation?

A. No, only driver cancellations will ruin the feature.

Q. How will I see consecutive trips promotions?

A. Uber will send you e-mail and text message, as well as send a notification message in the Uber app. (If you receive an e-mail or text from an unidentified source that claims to be Uber and wants you to give them information, hang up and report it to social media. That is a scam attack.)

Q. Are consecutive trips a onetime feature per shift?

A. No, you can drive for consecutive trips any time there is a promotion, just make sure you set your first trip within the time frame set by the promotion notification.

As many of you already know this if you driver for Lyft that this feature has been active on Lyft app for months now. It is called Streak Bonus and it works exactly like Uber’s.

Consecutive trips is a scam aimed at getting us to work longer hours and perform more rides without cancelling a ride. It is not a seamless driving system, it is not going to give us more rides, it only wants to tether us to the wheel for Uber and also affect the use of Mystro or other systems aimed at maximizing out efficiency. Personally, I intend to ignore this so called “quest” and I don’t need their “badges” either, I joined Uber not the boy-scouts.

I don’t think they were intentionally trying to deceive us, just offering a new incentive that makes us stop cancelling rides. It is appropriate after the debacle of the Pilot in LA ride that the news has been pasting all over the place, and rightly so. The minute I pick up a passenger I complete the ride, its not the passengers fault that I am an Uber driver and not a tax driver and it is also not the passengers fault that I agreed to drive him for under minimum wages. I think that driver should be banned form all apps, even from delivering pizzas on a bike in the Sahar Desert during a Sandstorm.