Uber's Former Engineer Anthony Levandowski is Facing Another Lawsuit (Filed by His Nanny)

(Image source: Wired)

He worked with the ride-hailing company as one of its top engineers in the past. He was alleged of stealing Waymo's trade secrets. He sold his self-driving car company, Otto, to his former employer for a whopping $680 million.

Still, he is in the middle of yet another scandal. This time, by his former nanny. Anthony Levandowski, Uber's former engineer, is in the middle of another serious lawsuit. Let's look at who he is and what charges he is facing right now.

Who is Anthony Levandowski

Anthony Levandowski is one of Uber's top engineers. Earlier last year, Google filed a lawsuit against him for stealing its robotic technology for self-driving cars, known as Waymo. Though Uber denied the charges.

Now he is facing new charges; this time from his former nanny. The nanny, named Erika Wong, accused Levandowski of several charges. It's, however, unclear whether her allegations are legit or whether they are compromised to achieve a certain business goal by some company rivals.

This is because some of the accusations are torrents of complaints about his rage, how he treats her, who he receives in his house, and how he was callous about his children. Let's discuss what she documented more closely.

The Nanny documents torrents of allegations

Wong compiled a barrage of complaints and accusations against her ex-boss, Levandowski, in a detailed document, about 81-pages long.

Wong explains that she worked at Mr. Levandowski's house as a nanny, but protests that she worked in a "hostile environment." Wong accused Levandowski of not paying her wages, showing age discrimination against her, and for violating some of the labor rights that she ought to have enjoyed.

She also narrates stories about Levandowski's family life, vividly explaining a conversation he had with his family and friends during a dinner. Wong went on to cite some names of the persons concern. She also reports, in clear terms, the people that Levandowski received as a guest in his home, and then moved on to explain her working relationship with the Levandowskis, beginning from 2016 and throughout her six months working period with them.

At one point, Wong tells stories about her bad ordeal working at Levandowskis; how the Uber's engineer often instructs her to "let his sons cry themselves to sleep on occasion." Also, Wong describes how Lewandowski comes home and goes, and took note of the things that he often brings home.

In one evening, Wong documents, "Levandowski screamed: "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" all evening. He stated, "How could they do this to me?"


Wong put up very long, serious allegations against Levandowski. At the moment, it is unclear what she means by all these, and Levandowski has not responded yet. What is clear is that Uber's former engineer is in a mess. Just imagine what's running through his head right now. This is the second time he was sued in a court for illegal offenses. The first time was a theft. Now it is more like a character assassination. It's time for the engineer to redesign new codes for re-inventing his self-image.


I hear that this idiot is also trying to start a new “religion” around AI…like he would be a great candidate for the Bork or Cybermen. Talk about dangerous lunatics on the loose. With Waymo and now his Nanny, all that’s missing in a complaint from Aliens how he stole their spaceship and he completes the picture.

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@andrew_martin Uber seems to attract these kind of people. One after the other, the barrage of bad news is never ending for Uber. Maybe this year will be better?

I think it will be better, but the fallout is far from over. I believe that this is going to be one tough year for CEO Dara, having said this, with the extra $billion they received from Softbank and their IPO for 2019, I think that they will succeed no matter what happens.