Uber tip matching?


Anybody know what the fine print on this is? Basically Uber says it’ll match the customers tip. But how far up does that go? If some drunk billionaire gives a 10k or even 100k tip…is Uber really going to pay?

Just curious. There are no rich drunks in my town, just drunk ones.

(Bick Bhangoo) #2

@Khall I do not see any set limit for tips. Uber customers are allowed to enter a custom tip amount. On the driver side, the same thing too, I don’t any limit to Uber tip matching.

Checked out the disclaimer, the only condition is that the tip needs to be given within 24 hours of the ride. Here’s the quote:

Match limited to in-app tips added within 24 hours of trips started after 12am PT on Tuesday, August 15 and before 11:59 PT on Tuesday, 8/15. It does not apply to Commute.