Uber Sign Up Bonuses Explained for New Drivers

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You might have heard companies that pay their potential employee a sum of money in order for them to become their official employee or even sometimes upon getting recruited, the company might find it fit to pay you for joining them. This is like an incentive that is meant to encourage and assure you that you are probably working for the best employer that cares about you. Well, this is the case as far as drivers signing up for Uber or Lyft are concerned. Uber or Lyft offers what is called "Sign-up Bonuses" to the drivers that partner with them. This sum of money paid is done so after activation on the Uber or Lyft platform.

What is Uber Sign-Up Bonuses and How Do They Work?

Uber has a referral system in place on their platform that enables the partnered with Uber drivers to refer the Uber services to Uber wannabe drivers. On their Partner Dashboard, under invites they can find their referral code which they may share publicly for those that wish to join Uber as drivers to actually sign up using the code in order to be eligible for the sign-up bonuses. It is important to note that if one signs up directly through the Uber website or the Partner App ( Get the app), they will not get these bonuses. The referring drivers will market their link bearing the code urging Uber wannabe drivers to sign up through it and get a bonus pay afterwards which always sounds like a good deal since the bonuses are actually a considerable chunk.

For Uber, the short referral code can be a combination of numbers and letters but depending on your marketing strategy and convenience you want to offer to people, you can also embed the code in a referral link to avoid cases whereby the prospective driver input a wrong code by omitting a letter or a number. if such happens, both parties will not get any bonuses eventually.

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What is Your Uber Sign-Up Bonus Value?

This is where it gets confusing all the time. The bonus value for Uber sign-ups via a referral link or referral code may always vary and fluctuate depending on the time of the year and location. Uber may assign for instance a bonus value of $600 to a referral code generated by an existing driver in L.A but this may not be the value that a prospective Uber driver will earn upon registration using the referral code. This is notable especially if the registering driver is coming from a different city; the value will be high or low based off regional Uber market size and therefore the new driver from San Diego may get a bonus of only $500. On occasions where both come from the same city, they both would earn $600 – so is the case even if they come from different cities but Uber has determined that they have almost the same market size.

Sometimes the new driver does not even get any bonuses at all while the referrer earns just that amount they anticipated and again this is based on the geographical location of the new driver and other market factors especially if they contribute to slow growth rate of the Uber service in the region. Once a prospective driver uses the referral code to sign up on Uber, the referrer earns a partial bonus of anything between $50 and $100 in most cases and earns the rest after the new driver finishes the number of rides as per the terms issued by Uber in order for them to also earn their bonuses.

While one may be excited seeing someone advertising their referral link and urging them to register because $800 is not at all terrible money and therefore they go ahead and register using the referral code only to end up getting disappointed in the end when they earn $400. One might think it was a scam, but the driver that referred them to Uber was not necessarily lying to them except Uber has the habit of fluctuating the bonuses all the time depending on the time of the year i.e. during summer or New Year's eve or Halloween there is expected too much movement and therefore Uber gets a lot of clients, so these times bonuses would shoot to up to even $1000 and it is usually the perfect time for one to sign up. Any other day after such occasions, these values come down and therefore needs to be updated on how much Uber is paying as sign-up bonuses.

To do this one needs to write to Uber from the help section on the partner app or on their website inquiring on the sign-up bonuses of their respective locations and a feedback will be given in a matter of hours. This is an important step especially if you are not sure of the bonuses they offer for that specific region.

Know the Terms of Your Sign-Up Bonuses

Uber shall wish to reward you a certain amount of money as bonus upon your new registration via a referral code but usually comes with terms that the new drivers must observe in order to put that money in their pockets. Usually all bonuses require one to make a certain number of rides within a stipulated time in order for them to earn them and also make the referrer earn their bonuses as well. Uber may suggest that the sign-up bonus in L.A is $700 upon completion of 60 rides in 30 days. Initially they only paid the bonuses just after the first ride but changed that because of the competitive market in the vehicle rental market. It is important that one writes down the terms and keep a record of the rides they make within that stated time.

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Know when Your Activation Date is

When you sign up via a referral, Uber shall conduct background checks and screening on you and if found eligible, your registration is approved and then you become activated; you can then go online and drive a car. While it is expected they send you an activation confirmation email or text, sometimes they don't and you may not know until you log on to your driver app which means you need to be on the lookout always. Immediately your activation is confirmed, your time to elapse the number of rides suggested begins.

In some cases when registration was done and the referral code was forgotten to be submitted, Uber usually gives you a grace period of 15 days to use the retroactive referrals and get activated for the sign-up bonuses. The activation takes effect from the time of submission of the referral code.

The above account is a detailed explanation about Uber sign-up bonuses and how they work. It is equally important to observe that Lyft does just the same but with even more attractive bonuses except it does not allow retroactive referrals.

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