Uber rides trying to get drivers to convert and drive for Lyft

Today a pax got into my car who was a recruiter for Lyft. They are requesting Uber rides trying to get drivers to convert and drive for Lyft. When I told him I was already a Lyft driver, however preferred Uber because it’s a different quality of pax and I make more money with Uber, this Bastard gave me a bad rating. :rage: Has anyone else experienced this? Also, does anyone know how can I report him?

Who you going to report him 2 ??? Nether Uber or lyft gives a shit about our ratings.

Uber… It’s not about my ratings, my personality will fix that. It’s about informing Uber so they can 1. Be aware and 2. Deactivate his rider account.

Here how I think Uber feels about everything. It’s money. The only one this dude hurt was you. Uber made money. And will every time he pulls this crap.
So thru Uber eyes. If the guys really wants to screw with people. The more he does the more money.
Uber only cares about money.

You ever heard of s pax account being closed ? Nope they just don’t match the driver and rider again.
There in age rule is prefect example. They don’t deactivate them. Because it’s money.

Didn’t think you were being mean at all.

That is simply your mere perspective. He said there is a team of them doing this and Lyft pays for the ride. I am looking at it from a business standpoint. This could ultimately cause Uber to lose money in the long run.

Uber has already removed the negative rating he gave me. :blush: Now let’s wait and see what the email says. I will keep you posted.

Arthur Dale Bailey… You were right. Their response was almost synonymous to what you said. Lol

It’s a business model that broke the mold. No other business has ever operated like this. But I will say this. Rideshare is here to stay. But Uber and lyft are running it into the ground. Both are broke as hell.
Going to make u a prediction. If I am right you can you heard it here 1st.
In a very short time Uber is going to go public. They have no choice. They are broke and the banks have shut them off. They need investment funds. They blew all they had on the driverless car.
The only way to get the funds now is private sources. The best way to do that is go public. When that happens. A short time after that. Investors will do a take over. Uber will be sold and bought a few times.
Rideshare giant will have a new name.
Let’s see if that isn’t the future of rideshare. There is to much money to be made. Someone with a brain is going to have to take over. It can’t last going like it is. The investors won’t let it fail. They will steal it and fix it.

I don’t see what they hope to gain. Unless it some sorta patent right they are going after.
They know a driverless taxi is no where the same as a car with auto pilot. We are going to see that main stream in 2020. Manufactures already have it ready.

I had a PAX recently who rode under his GF’s account because Uber deactivated him.

the rate per mile does not depend on when you were hired. Everyone in the same area gets the same rate per mile. The percentage that uber takes depends on when you were hired. You are totally wrong.

well I guess I was wrong about it never going down. But I know for a fact not everyone in my market gets the same rate. I have seen proof.

Go to that ride info on the app and report n shit.

Taxi drivers are doing shit like this and giving bad rating.

Not to mention that they set up pickup request n never shownup

That only cost them money. Why would they blow money ?

What a asswipe. He’s wasting his time because most drivers do both. (where I’m at) but to get into your car and pull that? total BS! I would head straight down to your local green hub and show this and explain. So NOT OK.

I would have responded with “what’s Lyft” then turned up the volume on the radio.

You can totally report this sucker to Uber and get his account deactivated.

Reporting him for givin you a shitty rating won’t change nothing i had people do me like that you know what I did ma’am…i kept right on driving f him keep it movin ijs nothing to drive yourself crazy over unless he got disrespectful and or threatened you I wouldn’t worry about it

Uber needs to be informed imo… Not to mention I have never had a bad rating. Even though I gave a few more rides after him and it changed. I still do not like what they are doing. Sneaky underhanded shit just irks me so.
Also I never said I was driving myself crazy over it… smh… I am looking at this from a business standpoint. There is a team of them who are doing this and Uber could ultimately lose money.

No, you can report him for using the platform for recruitment purposes. I’m fairly certain it’s a violation of the community standards. Whether it is or is not if reported Uber will shut them down. Uber and Lyft used to pull this bs on each other when they first started. They used burner phones and bank accounts. It got so bad they were doing requests and canceling just to screw with each other’s business. 🤦