Uber response to the recent Uber murderer

So am I the only one laughing at the Uber response to the recent Uber murderer? They said he passed the background check. I diedddddd. Not to speak I’ll of the dead, but uber is full of clowns. You sons of bitches are being sued for your half twat background checks

Guy probably murdered after finally succunbed snapping over the rates and lack of tips. :confused:

Umm they did more extensive background checks on him and he had no criminal history… It’s called mental illness and that shit can happen at any point in anyone’s life

I even mentioned that. He had no patterns of violence. I’m laughing at uber response

Background checks only find things when there is something in the background to find. It’s not Uber’s fault his mental illness lead him to go on a killing spree. However, it is interesting he kept picking up pax between shootings. That is a new one. I read one account that a pax said he kinda went crazy after getting a phone call. Gotta wonder what that was about.

His mental illness was probably apparent to his family but no one wanted to step in and do something for fear of reprisal. Our entire system is set up as a reaction to bad things. Almost nothing is done to prevent bad things from happening.

You don’t land in jail because you might do something. You end up in jail after something has already happened. It’s a reaction. Just try calling the cops because you think someone might do something. The most you get is a conversation. Something has to happen before you get arrested.

You’re lacking basic intelligence. This isn’t ‘Minority Report’. There is no predicting crime. You’re entitled to your retarded opinion, though.

It might be the rate cuts. Anyone notice that more and more drivers care less about pax?

If it was because rate cuts and he wanted to
Make a statement he was shooting wrong people I have been saying since the cuts that I’m surprised nobody has went postal on uber hq or hunted down Travis . It’s only a
Matter of time I’m sure . Hate to say that but it’s true one of these days taking advantage of people will catch up to them .

Pretty much every successful company takes advantage of their employees lol

true that but Google is an investor in Uber. I wonder what would happen is there is a lot of people calling it in Google by supporting a company that treats their employees like slaves going against Google’s principles crumbling down everything they fought for.

hat’s all relative. You guys think a business is supposed to cater to your crying. It’s a numbers game goddammit. Uber isn’t in the business of making sure our bills get paid, we are. Uber is here to making money

That’s why I don’t fuck with crazy people after what I’ve experienced I’m prejudiced now. You have to be watching their hands.

I wonder why he didn’t go on his rampage at his insurance job, which is his main job as I understand it. That hasn’t been brought up at all.

From all accounts and according to his neighbors, no one saw this coming. They’re all speaking of him as if he was just a normal father/husband who put his family first and liked to work on cars.

I don’t think any of this is funny at all. Uber can’t predict someone will snap and go on a killing spree anymore than the USPS predicting one of their workers would also snap and go on a killing spree. Many factors lead to a person being this crazy to do these things.

Again it won’t make a difference, if someone wants to do something bad enough they will.

If an uber driver goes nuts and kidnapped someone, and it’s known it was an uber driver… how can the police contact uber for locating the vehicle?
Why didn’t uber turn off the platform to protect the public using the app?
A passenger asked Jason Dalton if he was the uber driver that was killing people, Jason told him no and gave him a ride…

Cab companies are monitored, the first sign of driving on the sidewalk would have gotten the driver a red flag and things could have been handled

Yeah because they’ll immediately kill the car and have someone there within seconds to see what’s going on.

If someone wants to do something bad. They’ll do it. Period!!!

In some cases yes, cars can be turned off. Taxis can report the location of the cab to the police to assist. This uber driver passenger posted the crazy ride details on facebook, at the point of that crazy ride only the girl who is no brain dead was shot… lives could have been saved.