Uber requires drivers to report number of passengers

Peeps are always ordering UberX with more than 4 pax. I tell them that Uber requires I report the number of passengers so they’ll see a fare adjustment after the ride. Usually they are so disrespectful and act as if they didn’t hear me say that. Hurts my soul when people are dishonest. Cheap and dishonest is worse!

Just sayin’

They get upcharged once I get home and report it to adjust the fare.

I so wish other drivers would not accept pax over how many seats they have. They act as if I’m an A.H. when I say up to 4 for UberX.

I don’t bother saying a word to them. I just adjust it after the fact.

at the airport i drive people order and uber x and its 5 or 6 people getting in…so i adjust the trips a few time…now uber does not let me do it…its bs but when its an xl i tell them to order it or they cant get in

nonsense!!! I’ve been driving XL for almost 4 years and have been doing X to XL adjustments the whole time.

Maybe i didnt understand properly…
You are allowed to take more then 4 pax, and they get charged extra after the ride ?!

In Portugal, my country, you just cant take over your car limit of pax.
If police caughts you, you get fined and risk losing your license to drive.

If you have a vehicle that can legally hold more than 4 people, you can take the and request a fare adjustment to XL rates.

It’s actually happens to me quite often I’ve never Said no to anybody. Not worth losing a whole fair over it

If they are extra pax, and you cant take them - just tell them that, preferably by the window or when first person is coming in, ask how many they are… they say 5, you say you can only take 4.
They complain and cant adjust?
Tell them you will cancel and move on.

As soon as they start arguing/complaining, is best to cancel trip… if not, they will likely rate 1 star and most times the rides arent anything special.

If you are able to accept 5, just dont really mention that… they are supposed to know the rules.
Report after ride.

Yep I have an XL! But also I feel they need to know the rules [TOS]… I explain it as they get in. I make a statement in a kind and casual way. I never worry about tips or what people rate me…just true to the rules and after protecting myself. All recorded on dash cam

Dont let rider behavior hurt your feelings. I’m at the point where I laugh if I see someone report me or if my rating drops. Also, never take more than 4 pax. Tell them they’re taking away business for XL drivers and cancel and collect the cancelation fee.

Unless you wear some cojones and tell stupid PAX when they’re breaking the rules and/or the law, they won’t stop being dumb. They need to hear it, people!

That would apply to this chick that got in an uberpool ride yesterday with watermelon slices and started handing them out to people in the backseat.

The problem, as always, has been the inappropriately flexible drivers and an unsupportive Uber.

I think I am putting this nice.

These are the same drivers that allow Pax w/ infant & toddlers sans proper safety seats, unsafe overloading of adults, smoking in vehicles and no service animals.

Fotunately, Uber did address the ADA and service animals however we still have drivers that insist “my car, my rights”. (Screw You.)

I am going to be blatant here and hope one of you broken, messed up drivers who do these things say something here. Because you guys are the idiots that make the rest of us look like you.

I hope one of you say something here.

Why explain it to them 🤦 let them learn by experience :wink:

there is literally no room for more than 4 in my vehicle… no worries… though I did have a group that snuck a couple extra into my pickup truck once. Guy in the front distracted me while they piled into the back.

I just tell them I only take 4 and cancel , I ask them to order an xl . Simple as that , I can care less if they are mad or disrespectful cause they can’t rate me if it’s a cancel ride . Duh

Don’t say anything. Just have Uber adjust the trip after the fact. This unnecessarily puts your rating at risk. If you are only driving an X and you cancel the ride on grounds of too many pax (which you are supposed to do), report them to Uber so you can get the cancellation fee.

I just turn them the f down, and say read the description, if there are no uber xl on the road at the time I tell them too bad I am using my car as designed and it is not for a circus; alternatively I may ask do I look like a clown?

I say NO!!! just like I did the other day when this woman tried to get into my car with a 4 and 5yr old and NO BOOSTERS!! she was beyond pissed when I wouldn’t take her.

Keep it :zipper_mouth_face:, be nice, and get them to agree to rate you five stars at the end of the ride. That way can’t one-star you later in retaliation after the fare adjustment.