Uber passenger from Gilbert, Arizona accused of groping driver

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An Uber driver picked up a passenger from Gilbert, Arizona and during the ride suffered sexual harassment. It seems that Danny Hale, a 35-year-old from Kingman, was inebriated during the time he was picked up Sunday at 1:30 am and during the ride could not control his actions, he groped at the driver's breast and then placed his hand in her lap. The driver pulled over to Loop 202 Freeway and demanded that Hale exit her car. She then called for police who found Hale in a parking lot.

According to Police, Hale was arrested while intoxicated. After he calmed down, Hale told police that he had touched the driver by accident. Judge set his bail for $10,000. His court appearance is set for next week.

Uber stated that the rider was removed from using the Uber app and takes these actions against their drivers very seriously.

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