Uber making Rider Pick-up Easy for Drivers with Live Location, Scheduled Ride Notification

Uber's Rider solutions for easier pickups

Uber has recently added a few changes to their rider app to make things easier for both driver and rider during the pickup stage (period 2) of the Uber riding experience. Here is a list of the new changes:

  1. Rider’s Live Location
    One of Uber’s recent changes has improved rider and driver experience. Uber’s app now enables GPS sharing of the rider’s location and this enables the driver to see how close they are to the rider in real-time. This new feature will allow drivers to locate their passengers much quicker and save time.

  2. Rider Identification
    The app now allows riders to type in the name of the person they are picking up if it is not the customer in person. The app sends and SMS to the intended passenger (guest) and includes the name, ETA, car type, license plate and contact information of the driver. The app sends the passengers name to the driver and their contact information too, so that riders that were invited by another guest will be identified by the driver and vice-versa.

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  3. Pick-Up Notification
    The moment a driver arrives at the pickup location, they app will send a notification to the rider that the driver is outside and waiting. The app waits a minute, and if the trip hasn’t started, it will send out a repeat notification to the rider.

  4. Scheduled trip notifications
    Now drivers can see if the trip was scheduled in advanced by rider. The app shows the driver what the trip is before accepting the trip. Advanced scheduled trips are usually longer rides, and are less likely to be cancelled by customers.