Uber is so full of crap these support people they hired are straight fucktarts

So we are not suppose to take minors ( and pretty much all drivers do even people in this group) however tons of kids have and use the app . this week alone ( me trying to play by the rules) I turned down 3 minors and a couple no carseat . and guess what me playing by the rules got my ratings dropped to 4.6 :rage: then to add insult to injury my last first ride today was to kids from a middle school I told them sorry no under 18 . they pleades for me to wait so they can call thier mom . mom calls uber and uber calls me telling me to take the kids. I said umm no its against the law. The support then told me its no bigge it’s only 3.2 mile ride take it… I said yeah 3.2 miles of illegal! !!! She then says I have her recorded saying she wont sue uber if anything happens i said what about me??? She said uber wont cover you :rage::rage::rage::rage::ok_hand::facepunch::open_hands::raised_hands: I was heated i said nope then the lady informs me uber is awear of this particular person she always gets rides for her kids, as well the kids said they get uber 3- 4 times a week which means yall up in her being fake as hell. So I took the kids cause at this point its dark mom is at work and they didnt know how to get home smfh…

Asked me how much money I had for the week. I told them $2000 they said they were going to send me a check right away. I logged in this morning and it looks like they already did it. Money was gone. I can’t believe how fast they work

They said it was coming express mail from a Prince. That is why they needed my social security number too.

Lol. No that was not Uber, no company will ever ask for login info. Especially password info. NEVER give out personal info to anyone calling you. Ask for a call back number then verify the number by visiting a legitimate website.

For those who think uber does not :telephone_receiver:. … Your wrong . now if you get a call with uber wanting your login info and you give it to them then you a damn fool.and its not the first time uber has called. Anyways my POINT mainly was one why do kids have apps if we cant pick them up . 2nd alot of people up in this group be fronting cause I keep getting told uber drivers. Obviously do alot of things thier not suppose to like drive minors… Etc etc etc

Oh and third why tell us we cant take them wheb we cancel the ride our ratings get lowered. They need to make ridera go through back griund checks too cause all these minors have apps with thier own info in it .

  1. Why do kids have apps…? A 5 yo has apps to entertain them…
  • A: A 16 yo has apps because some parents allow them to practice being grown up, Some just don’t care. UBER APP is tied to the signed in iCloud account. Which when you want your 5yo to access you input the password.
  1. Driver do a lot of things they’re are not supposed to…
  • A: This is an excuse to justify ones own indiscretions as ok. It takes courage and commitment to do what is right even in the face of adversity. Regardless of what you think others are doing, just do what is right.
  1. Why tell us we can’t take them when we cancel the ride our ratings get lowered.
  • A: when you arrive at the pickup location the “START TRIP” button should not be activated until the passenger has been VERIFIED (Name, age and anything that may lead to a reason to not accept the passengers i.e. No car seat, to many passengers extremely dirty etc.) and seated in the vehicle. Once the trip is started, the passenger can rate the trip even if it is canceled by the driver.

So to eliminate getting a bad rating by a pissed off passenger for any reason, wait until you have verified the trip can proceed.

If you get there and determine you’re not willing to proceed, cancel the request an Select the appropriate reason why when prompted. If you feel you need to clarify, you can text uber with justification. I.e. Rider was underage, to dirty, didn’t have a safety seat for children under 10, and so on.

If you cancel it before the trip is started the rider who requested the trip can not rate you. This will affect your acceptance percentages That resets every week and will not hurt your driver rating.

I would have told uber, nope. Sorry but she needs to find another driver that is willing to transport the minors because my ass won’t.

I did . like three times. Then the kids where scared and crying. But never again.

a those type of moments really suck morally…but if something was to
Happen I’m sure she woulda sued you and never thought twice. Sry ya had to experience that

That is horrible, Uber is now directly telling you to break the law. They need to make a fucking decision on this with law enforcement and advertise the rules and legalities involved. I bet 25% of my rides are minors. I can’t screw around kicking people out all day, I have to get 90 rides a week or they take the hertz rental fee out of my earnings!

Out of curiosity, what is the rental for Hertz? I’m sure it depends on the market you are in. But I’m curious. I also do the leasing program. But with a dealership.

Exactly! !! Some cities they have a new option for parents to order Uber for their kids . Hopefully soon vegas will.

I was in an accident last fall, and Uber never called me, they only communicate throught the app or email. Getting a live person at Uber is like getting a live person at facebook support…not gonna happen.

nope… log that one as a NO SHOW… and skip all the drama… no 18 yo or old present equals a no show, then leave!

If the kids were actually under 18, Uber would not have told you to take them. End of story. There is something off about your telling of this.

How can that make your ratings drop? I haven’t started driving yet but I thought riders didn’t get the opportunity to rate you until after the ride was over. If you never started the ride then they can’t rate you, am I right?

That wasn’t uber that called you. My god, people. Use some common sense. Uber did NOT call you and tell you to break the law.

If you’re that worried about the kids either have them go back inside (because I doubt all the employees would’ve left while kids were still there) or call police and have them come deal with the kids. I would also suggest to the parent/guardian that they request an Uber to their location and ride there to pickup the kid then get dropped back off after. After that just go around the corner and wait the rest of the 5 minutes and cancel to get the cancellation fee. If you never start the trip they can’t rate you. Also, submit a message to the real uber support after cancelling and let them know someone under 18 tried to request a ride and you have it all on your Dashcam.

Uber does not call drivers. Never start a ride until everyone is ready to go. That way pax cannot rate you.