Uber is holding it against me when I cancel on no shows and cancelation

Question for Uber Drivers: I am noticing that I’ll arrive at the pickup location of a pax. I’ll wait 5 minutes and cancel for no show. Then I’ll look to confirm I received my no show fee. Saturday night I had 4 of these no shows. Each time, I noticed my Cancelation Percentage increased. In other words, Uber is holding it against me when I cancel on no shows and cancelation for no shows should not be included in my Cancelation Percentage. I don’t want to spend several hours emailing back and forth with the support idiots trying to explain this over and over until they get it. Have you noticed the same?

Yes. They are holding this against us. They are also now counting passing on a ride while already on a ride against us as well. I have never felt more like an employee in my life.

Yes, I waited 10 minutes… have cancelation held against me… but, they gave me $5, that didn’t fix the problem. Grateful for cash, but hate it is held againt me

No - but mine went from 93% to 50% overnight and haven’t driven Uber since June

Advice for a old timer driver, over 7000 rides, when u cancel a no show, wait and least 6 minutes instead of 5, and make sure u either call once or text once, they are looking into this if we are following the policy of cancelation, until now I don’t feel myself the uber hold something against me, and I always stay on line for 7 or 8 trips and a row so they can see that I’m not going back and forward with Lyft, anyway I think there is something that we have to learn how to play with their own policies and rules, I have learn this for the last two years and months

It is not Uber’s policy that we have to call or text the pax. However, even when I do, it still increases my cancelation percentage.

Yes, no show cancellations count against you. It sucks…but that’s Uber for you.

If u cancel without waiting the proper time, I had not seeing any change on my rating, except if I cancel more than 4 times a week, so I notice and I change the habit to do it and also when I cancel something for any reason, I send and explanation on that trip that I cancel the reason that why I did it, remember we all have time when we take a break, and I look for those trips that I cancel and then I send an explanation,this has help me a lot

Why would they need an additional explanation after I hit “cancel” and then hit “no show”? That already gives them the explanation.

I call or text when I get there and then wait 6 min after the text or call to make sure they register it as 5 min. That way they can not say that I did not do everything to contact the client and I was not short of the 5 min.

At lax I always call the pax before getting to terminals. Uber does not explain to riders that pick ups are on departures level. So you gotta call them and confirm their location. Like I always call them and confirm that they are by the door L2-04 for instance, some pax say I’m by the door L1-04, so I say get upstairs to departures level, where I can pic you up. It saves a lot of time for me.

I can understand that for airport pickups. But I don’t do airport pickups. I do many bar pickups though. So much of the time, these pax are drunk, or they change their mind and forget to cancel because they’ve been drinking.

Yes. They also dinged me for a ride they put in my queue (that I accepted during a trip), but that upon completion of the in-progress trip, disappeared. Their bad, not mine.

Come on people quit getting worked up about nothing. We all know there are drivers who are using the No-Show option just to cancel. If you are not out there cancelling half your rides for BS reasons then who cares what your cancellation rate it. It is a cancellation regardless of the reason it we as in the drivers are cancelling the trip.

As far as the in trip requests, why would you not accept those, that is one of the best things uber did, we have less down time between trips. If your current passenger has a new destination, great take them the\m the trip you excepted will go away and get routed to another driver.

Exactly. I don’t think many drivers realize this. If you accept a second trip but the pax you are with directs you to somewhere other than original destination Uber takes that next pax trip you accepted and routes it to someone else

Yes we are self employed but we agreed to Uber’s terms when we signed up. We are using Uber’s platform to make money. Just like a franchisee of a restaurant has to follow the chains rules and guidelines.

Because in the long run it doesn’t matter. You’ll do so many more legit trips, a cancellation rating of 10% means nothing.

Yep I had 5 in one night a couple weeks ago and I e mailed uber they do count them against us . It’s BULLSHIT !!!

I got a warning email once, nothing serious just letting me know that I had 11 cancellations the previous week which was higher than normal (I guess compared to other drivers). I always do over 75 trips a week too. I sent an email pointing out that 10 of those cancellations were no-shows for which I collected a fee. They said it didn’t matter the cause, all cancellations counted the same. Didn’t stop me from cancelling no-shows, I’ll wait to see what happens.