Uber Goes to Hollywood--An Uber Comedy TV Show in the Making!

If you want to know what Uber is doing to improve its image, then just know that it is pulling out all the stops to promote itself I any and every possible form. One of the best ways to promote and market yourself is through a Hollywood film, and just hope it's a box office hit.

This is what is happening with Kumail Nanjiani who will star with Dave Bautista in Uber Comedy 'Stuber.' The storyline is a basic Hollywood winner; it's a comedy action about an Uber driver (Nanjani) who picks up a ride (Bautista) that just happens to be a tough cop on the chase of a brutal killer. Now while we all know that Uber does not allow the driver to ride around all willy-nilly by themselves, this is overlooked when the movie progresses and intends to offer punch line after punch scene. Nanjiani is going into the Uber ride of his life, where he has to survive the chase as well as retain his 5-star Uber rating. Do you think he has vomit bags and smartphone connectors in his arsenal?

The film is directed by Michael Dowse; the script is from Tripper Clancy. The film producers are Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, and executive producers are Jake Wagner and Nick Thomas. This is a Fox studio's film and will be overseen by Jeremy Kramer.

Bautista is known for his size and excellent acting, his latest hits were "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" and "Blade Runner 2049", but he has quite a long list of successful films he has starred in.

Nanjiani is a Pakistani immigrant that came to the US when he was 18, he currently stars in HBO's series "Silicon Valley," but recently finished a successful film "the big sick" which was also around an Uber driver, and was a semi-autobiography account about a real-life relationship between an Uber driver and Emily V. Gordon.

Sounds like fun, its a shame they couldn’t make the driver Jack Black or the Rock, but lets see how it rolls out. It could do Uber a lot of good.