Uber eats is a huge rip off where drivers get robbed

I don’t know about other drivers experiences,
But in my prospective. Imagine driving 5-15 minutes to a restaurant plus the additional time looking for parking and waiting for the food order , only to drive another 5-10 minutes to the customers address for barely $5.

I did Uber eats one time. I got $3.07 for 22 minutes of driving. Never again. If I wanna deliver food, I’ll deliver pizza.

I grew up in California in Orange County and Sacramento and Roseville dude and San Jose that is just shameful

Right. You dont get paid for your time. Only get paid for mileage when you get the food. You could run 10 miles to Mcdonalds and wait in the drive thru 30 minutes. People dont tip eitther. Drunks dont even know they ordered food and never are by the door to get it. I spend two hours and made $15. I opted out of it and will never do it again. Waste of my time. I could of made $50 or $60 on rides in the same time.

Seems like nobody is ever ready when I’m picking them up.

“Oh wow you got here fast, the app said you were 2 minutes away. I figured I had at least 5-10 minutes”

Or the best is when it’s a busy street, with stores and shops, and the pax won’t cross the street to your car. They’ll make you swing around another way so you pull up next to them

I think uber eats will be a flop in some cities, largely bc it’s not a money maker for the drivers. Heck, a person could probably get more collecting and turning in empty soda cans for the nickel.

I hate doing Uber eats, but if I don’t get any rides sometimes I will pick one up. Every time it ends up the same. Me swearing I will never do it again!

Most of my Uber eats orders came from fast food restaurants with the slowest service and long lines

Not to mention you may have to hike up a couple flights of stairs too in addition to trying to locate parking or risk leaving the car running…its supposed to be curbside where they come to the car, but you’re expected to go to the door. Then when you’re done your vehicle smells like someone elses bad decisions for the next pax you get.

No thanks

Going to the uber office 3 times and requesting to deactivate uber eats from my account and still I have uber eats connected to my account

I love how then the customer doesn’t even turn on their front porch light so you can see where you are going.

Can all of you that dont like UberEats,opt out in the Los Angeles market…myself and brother who has a 2 door and can only do deliveries would appreciate it, well actually we do pretty good already…but without you we can do even better :grin:

Most of my customers come out to the car. Other times i feel like im on one of those tourist buses riding in the Hollywood hills and in Beverly Hills…i get tips and each trip averages about 9 to 10 bucks…the times i do get out, i get to walk through some od the most beautiful hotels/condos, a nice break and way to stretch my legs.

I agree. I stopped doing Uber eats because I would decline ones that were to far and it was messing with my acceptance rate. You don’t get paid for wait time. Plus, I feel like you should get tipped for delivering food just like the Pizza hut but most of them don’t tip. You aren’t making any money. I did get a 20$ tip one time for delivering McDonald’s to someone. Other than that it sucks.

Yeah 30 minutes of your life gone for under $10.
They used to supplement me when I waited a while at the restaurant but part of their 180 days of change includes an “estimated wait time” so that supplement is long gone :confused: so not worth it at all

Yes , agreed the uber eats drivers should be compensated with tips for their time like other food apps like caviar , postmates , instacart and grub hub

If you wait over 5 minutes call Uber they will compensate you $5 for the long wait time.

I do UberEats to assist with hitting Quest in DC. I usually stick to the burbs and have my best friend ride with me. MOST people will come out to my car.

I’ve never done it I watch the entrepreneur videos the Rideshare guy and I watch some other YouTube videos it’s just does not seem worth the hassle and I think you’d get more money definitely just waiting on rides in a good area. If you’re thinking of ubereats you might as well go work for some popular pizza place Pizza Hut Papa John’s Domino’s wherever they deliver where you’re at and just deliver pizza only get paid by the hour guaranteed. I don’t know it just really makes more sense to me and pizza delivery people always get tips

The concept for Uber eats makes sense for drivers who don’t want to put miles on their cars and want to be around the local areas , but for drivers who are looking to cash in , doesn’t seem logical to spend 10-15 minutes between , driving to a restaurant , looking for parking, or wait in a long drive through line, only to deliver it for barely $4-$5

I’m not doing it because the parking at most of the restaurants around here is shit and it doesn’t seem worth it