Uber eats is a huge rip off where drivers get robbed


(Harris Frank) #21

From what I hear a lot of tourists down the strip in Vegas will use Uber Eats the thing is there’s nowhere to park? One spot behind White Castle

(Eric Moore) #22

For me … I know when it’s comes up the area of the parking is iffy I decline and I have great luck with Uber eats I get more on avg than I do for. Reg ride

(Jill Aron) #23

Same here… I do pretty well. I also have a friend ride with me just in case parking is an issue. I usually just work the Burbs though.

(Jose Hernandez) #24

One thing I like about Uber Eats (and I mainly keep it off) is that when it’s slow I don’t mind getting the extra pings, but it will frequently take me to neighborhoods i haven’t been to before and more often then not I get a nice long ride request just after I drop off the food at the customer’s house! Maybe it’s “Murphy’s Law.”