Uber Drivers Earn More than Software Engineers in Infosys, Says Clueless Uber PR

The strike in India is starting to make Uber sweat, and when Uber sweat's, it makes mistakes. It's attested mistake was releasing a truly false statement that was meant to mislead the public and gain their sympathy, when, in reality, there is no difference between the new Uber and the old one. The new one is killing flies with honey, while the old one just swatted at them.

According to an Uber spokesperson in India, Uber drivers earn more than software engineers in Infosys. They backed this preposterous claim by using real facts from Glassdoor (an HR website) showing that a newbie software engineer in Infosys will earn Rs 28,975.25, while an Uber driver that takes on a 9-hour shift in Mumbai will earn closer to Rs 45,000 with some even reaching Rs 90,000, which adds up to Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,500 net per day after Uber's 20% service fee.

This outrageous statement can be torn apart in seconds, and it is by local car drivers who show the actual pay they receive around Rs 500 to Rs 700 a day which is before expenses, leading most of them to debt and poverty.

My take: If working for Uber was so lucrative, then most young Indian's would forgo software engineering and go in for Uber driving instead.

I have to admit that Uber does come up with some amazing new ways to surprise us. The bottom line is this, the only difference now between Uber today and Uber in 2017 is that Kalanik is in the back seat. Other then that, its much the same. The only way you can prove to me that Uber has changed is when the commission drops to 10%.