Uber drivers are a direct reflection of how much they are paid

Uber/Lyft need to start deactivating yall with these raggedy looking cars. I’ve seen cars in this lot with big ass dents, missing hubcaps, dirty windows,cracked windshields. Cars look as if they haven’t been washed in months. The nerve of you pulling up like that. LOL.

Welllllllll they don’t pay me enough to keep my outside clean everyday especially in this crazy weather. However the inside is ALWAYS CLEAN AND SMELLS FABULOUS​:joy::joy::joy:

Car doesn’t have to be new at all. But keep your stuff looking presentable. You are offering a service so you should do what you can

Don’t know no one’s story. Worrying about others. Get their car fix for them if you don’t like it. If folks need to drive their car the way it is until they can make the money to get it fix, whatever the cause may be, then they need to do that. Can’t stand judgemental people. Don’t complain unless you’re dishing out that bread. If something happened to my car or a crack windshield and I had to make sure my bills are paid for my children, then that cracked windshield will still be there until I can get to it by busting my ass working/driving.

So it’s ok for people to drive vehicles that look like crap, drive around with pants around knees wearing no shoes, etc? That’s who you’d be proud to call a “co-worker?”

We not co worker, we are each others competition, i don’t care what anyone drives , or how they drives, that’s between them and uber…

The point is it’s a bad reflection on all of us as a whole. We are supposed to be a few steps up from cab drivers but we can’t maintain that title if we have fellow drivers that’s driving around in bombed-out cars.

But I still fill it’s on passengers to decide, you don’t know anyones money struggle, why car bent and not fixed. Myself I wouldn’t hurt anyones income, people have bills and kids to feed…ijs…just because your car fine today, you could be in accident on friday can’t put in shop till Monday but need to drive Saturday and Sunday, so you sit home, don’t get bill money or drive …to get those bills paid

Those cars have been hit for months. I have seen them out there myself. It’s unacceptable. Insurance will fix it if they even have any… If they are struggling that bad, maybe they need to get a 9 to 5…

I understand this post may have stepped on a few toes and hurt a few feelings. But the fact of the matter is Uber / Lyft set standards for us as drivers and we all agreed to those standards. I know things happen. But there are other avenues one can take.

Maybe I will maybe I want. Or perhaps this post would motivate our fellow drivers to ask for recommendations. As you can see there are a number of drivers that take pride in the service and then you have those drivers that are simply lazy it doesn’t take much to clean your windows or wash and vacuum out your car I’ve seen $4 $5 car washes there are number of car washes that offer early bird specials for $3 with free vacuum. Also tax season is upon us some of the drivers will receive a large refund. If they cared, they would invest a little into their vehicles so that they can continue to take care of home.
In this world if you don’t have tuff skin you will not survive being criticized.

Sometimes hubcaps pop off somewhere in ATL, and because Lyft/Uber don’t pay you what you deserve you not about to spend $45 to replace it.

#DontJudge #BrokeLivesMatter

You should replace it not just for Uber but because it’s your car and you shouldn’t want to be driving around with 3 hubcaps gosh so many excuses

That’s right tellem. Im about to ride with 3 hubcaps on my tires just for the hell of it like wtf its my car not yours

I wasn’t going to say anything but it’s bad. I could see if a little scratch or minor ding but I’ve been seeing dents like better get Maco size.

It really doesn’t matter…whatever the criteria of Uber or Lyft…clean your car, make it smell good, keep it safe mechanically and be PROFESSIONAL and the customer had been served and u did your job and was paid for it. At the end of the day that’s what matters

Now I have to wonder…are the people that are commenting that are offended by an “uber police” worried because they are driving a dentmobile?

They are in their feelings. But you’re offering a service which is also like a business and if you want to continue to receive business tips ratings you would take care of your vehicle

I guess the joking was okay but someone suggested getting tags send to uber/Lyft felt it was wrong but I’m getting out this thread, about to enjoy my night, off from my fulltime…no uber ,just watch all these great movies on Netflix with my babies, .all still driving be safe…

Saw a Pathfinder just like mine in the lot the other day, front passenger door smashed in… smh, but that’s none of my business :thinking::thinking: