Uber Driver Refuses Teen Ride. Mad Teen and Mom wants a Fight! (Video)

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It seems that no matter what you do as an Uber driver you will be trodden on by people that have no respect for the law or the safety of their kids.

One such occurrence happened to a great guy, a really good driver with an excellent record and someone that believes in how Uber operates and why adults must accompany kids.

This YouTube recording of a dashcam shows how this ride went down:

Our driver is sitting behind the wheel on what seems to be a cold day since he is all bundled up nice and warm. The two passengers, young adults, enter the car and everything seems in order. That is until our driver notices that the passengers are not the person that ordered the ride.

The young man noticed the driver's car decals and stated: "Howdy, I like your little stickers."

Our driver answers nicely, "Yeah" and then asks the couple if there are any more passengers.

He then asks them if they are 18 years old since he thinks they might be very close to the age limit but not there yet.

He adds to his question his reason for asking which is "let me get it there that's not you, who is Selena?"

The young man answers that's my sister. He then adds that the woman (not on cam) coming to the car is his mother, and she will vouch for him.

Our driver is adamant that the young man proves his age and explains that his mother has to be with him, or an adult has to accompany them on the ride. Those are Uber rules.

However, our young passenger is trying to be clever and claims his birthday was only a few days prior to the ride. Our driver is not deterred and explains that anyone above 18 needs an ID, that's the law. Without an ID and with questionable age, the driver cannot take the passenger. It's also about the results of driving a youngster, such as when you get into an altercation, our driver does not want any underage issues haunting his life. (Rightly so)

Our driver explains that he cannot take them, he gets out of the car and opens the door for the girl passenger, to which the young man exclaims "Hey man, don't open my girl's door." To which our driver replies, "That's just good manners, opening the door for a lady is good manners."

In the meantime, the mother is heard talking to the driver, and he is heard explaining the situation. To which we hear them use bad language, and our driver explains to passers-by that he cannot drive anyone under 18. Without an accompanying adult, and why do they have to use bad language.

He enters the car and gets ready to drive off. Realizing that the dash cam was not facing the outside show, he tells them to have a good day, to which they threaten o call Uber. Our driver tells them to do so since it is not allowed to drive un accompanies under 18's.

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My Take:

He was very good, followed the rules, was courteous and did not bend the rules. One of the biggest mistakes drivers makes trying to get their 5 stars is to bend the rules and take underage in unaccompanied rides. It's enough to be involved in a minor accident, and you have issues to deal with. Let's just hope that Uber sides with the driver.

(Steve Mann) #2

Do you know how many of these rides I get a week? At least five! I live in a family community area, and there are so many teens trying to get a ride, and parents that support this. Its quite hard to retain a 5 star rating when you have angry soccer mums screaming at you every day.