Uber driver gets a $100 for returning $700

(Preet) #1

Uber driver Ade Adeleye picked up his passenger, attorney Rogelio Garcia from his home in Houston and dropped him off at the Garcia's destination. After the ride, Ade continued to pick up another passenger, and she noticed a money clip in the back of the car with $703 in it. Ade and the passenger counted the money and Ade recognized the clip design and thought of the passenger he had picked up earlier on.

In the meantime, Rogelio had left the car and entered his office, realizing that he was missing his money clip, he started to search the entire office suite and then thought he might have left it back at his home. At that moment, he received a phone call from Ade stating that he found his money clip and wanted to arrange with Garcia to collect it.

Garcia was so taken aback by Ade's honesty that when he met him to recover the missing $700 he had to give Ade something in respect of his actions and offered him $100. Ade refused but Garcia insisted, stating that he had to give Ade something for his honesty. Ade added that he had returned many items and cash in the past and $700 is as important as returning $10, in both cases the money wasn't his to keep.


This. I don’t want your wallet. I want to get it back to you. I wish uber and lyft both made it easier to do so.