Uber Driver Foils Drug Dealer

An Uber driver helped fight crime when he picked up his ride from the Bungalow Bar at Vero Beach in Florida. The rider, 33-year-old Maximillian Nadolny, asked his driver to make a stop at the 7-Eleven store on 2032 U.S. Highway 1 where the driver witnessed the Nadolny make a drug transaction in the parking lot. While Nadolny was busy with the drug deal, the driver called 911 and asked the police to pull him over since he suspected that his riders carried drugs in the car.

The police responded by setting up a traffic stop, and when the UberX car reached it, the police requested that Nadolny steps out of the car. As the stop was being initiated, a traffic cop noticed that the passenger threw something out of the car window. When he asked Nadolny what he had thrown out, Nadolny claimed it was a cigarette butt. However, the driver contradicted him and told police that Nadolny did not smoke during the ride. Police searched the area and found a small bag with a white substance that proved to be cocaine after field testing.

Nadolny changed his story a number of times during questioning, once his stop was to buy gum at the 7-Eleven store the second version was to meet a friend from High School and the third version was to give his friend $20 since he owed it to him from a few weeks before.

Police stated that Nadolny's story kept changing and they booked him into Indian River County Jail, where he obtained a release on Friday morning after paying the $5,000 bail bond.