Uber Driver Finally Charged With Sexual Battery After 11 Months


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How slow the law can take, how long the victim can suffer

It was Feb 25th, 2017 at 2am when a young woman celebrating her 21st birthday was driven home by her Uber driver Aleksey Gafanovich. What should have been a happy night with happy memories turned out to be a local take on the wrong direction.

According to the Boynton Police arrest report, Gafanovich, 47-year-old Uber driver, dropped off the girl’s two friends and on the way to her home, both Gafanovich and the passenger agreed to make a cigarette stop. After the stop, when they both got back into the car, Gafanovich started to grope her and according to the victim, invaded her genitalia.

Video: Uber driver charged with sexual battery - Sun Sentinel

It took the police 51 days to get a swab of Gafanovich's DNA and it took a further 10 months for the crime lab to process the material and provide proof that Gafanovich had touched the victim inappropriately.

He was arrested and charged with sexual battery only last Thursday, and also posted his $250,000 bail. In the meantime, the victim is now close to celebrating her 22nd birthday. Uber has deactivated Gafanovich as well as being ordered by local police to stay clear of the victim.

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It’s a shame it took so long.