Uber Driver Carjacked in St.Ann, Missouri

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The excerpts from a 911 call recorded on Sunday at 3:30 am,

Driver: ‘He intends to cut me and kill me.’

Police: Uber driver stabbed in the neck, carjacked in St. Ann

Anatoli Cortura, the 47-year-old Uber driver, picked up three passengers from Schnucks, a bar located at the 4100 block of Lindell. He drove off with his passengers towards the Geraldine and Lorraine Avenue intersection. When he arrived at the destination, two of the passengers got out, but the third one grabbed him by the neck and dragged him out at knifepoint and started to slash and stab him.


Video: Police: Uber driver stabbed in the neck, carjacked in St. Ann - KMOV.com

Anatoli Cortura on Channel 4 News.

Cortura succeeded in escaping the attacker and ran to a home in the neighborhood, calling 911 while the neighbor applied ice and pressure to his wounds.

The Bridgeton police chased and apprehended Brendan Ticker, and 18-year-old high school student who stole the car. Tucker was charged with Assault, Robbery, and Armed Criminal Action.

Cortura was transported to a local hospital for his injuries but was back home Monday morning. He didn’t know how many stitches he received.

Uber stated that it supports local law enforcement in all their endeavors, they showed concern for their driver. However Cortura thinks that he will stop driving for Uber, the risks are too great.


Cortura’s car after the chase

(Andrew Martin) #2

I think that one big issue when driving for Uber and Lyft is the value of the car, the more expensive the car the higher the liability of being car jacked.

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What if the driver was carrying a weapon and used it during the melee? Do you think Uber would have deactivated him?

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Damned right they would have, those dumb a-holes in Uber don’t give a shit about us drivers.