Uber driver attacks passenger

Wael Salem, a 50-year-old resident of Branford, was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting his female passenger while driving for Uber on Monday.

The story started on Saturday night when a 22-year-old woman requested an Uber ride over her app and was picked up, together with two friends by the accused. The driver drove down interstate 95 when he started to ask the woman about her breast size, admiring it and then reached over and touched it, telling the victim that it felt nice. He then tweaked her breast causing the piercing to bleed and when he finally arrived at the drop off location patter her chest one final time.

Police confronted Salem with the accusations, and he is reported to reply that the girls were discussing each other's breast size and admiring each other, but he had done nothing and just drove them to their destination.

The arraignment took place on Monday where Salem told Superior Court Judge William Holden that he did not speak English well and that he intended to hire a lawyer. Salem was free to leave after posting a $10,000 bond, and the Judge ordered Salem to have no contact with the plaintiff. He went on to state emphatically "Leave this person alone," Salem did not respond and left the courtroom together with his wife.

How hard is it to not sexually harass riders? Hopefully he didn’t do it. Rideshare is going to get banned unless we/they fix this problem.:confused: