Uber Driver App, Customer service and Rider Complaints

(Chris Stipe) #21

Here’s one: Ever have a pax report you as under the influence out of spite?

Man gets into my car in the valley here in LA, has a 25 minute ride over the hill to Silver Lake, ie hipster central, LA. It is 5:55 on a Tuesday, ie middle of rush hour. I have on, as I often due, super soothing, spa-like Native American flute music, at low volume. Pax even mentions how soothing it is, about one minute before he decides to take a phone call——

**Side note: someone will accuse me of having a “god complex” for this. Go **** yourself if that’s how you think. It’s my car, I’m providing the service, I’m being paid a fraction of what it should cost, and only 1 in every five pax is likely to tip at all. Generally, I find the more entitled a person asks, the less likely they are to tip. So here’s my policy on phone calls, which are super annoying to me while I’m driving. It’s rideSHARE not Private-Chauffeur-while-I-treat-your-car-like-my-office… if you’re in a Lyft line/uber pool, then basically forget it. You were too cheap to pay the extra $2-3 for a private ride, you’re even less likely to tip, and whether or not there is another pax in the car with you (once had a pax take 10 calls in an 8 minute ride even WITH other pax in car!!) it’s a shared ride and its presumptuous to treat the space like it’s solely your own. If you have a regular Lyft/uberX or better, then I’ll tolerate a call, but I still find it annoying. There are of course exceptions- emergencies, logistical necessities- but most calls are the most inane bs like asking mommy what she had for breakfast.

**back to my story: gentleman takes the phone call. It is private ride so I say nothing although I note there’s 20 min left in ride and I’m about to go through heavy traffic for this Winner for probably $10-11 dollars. Shortly into his convo, there is an ebb in volume one of the flute sounds from my music, and he asks me to turn it down. I turn it down and say of course, but feel compelled to ask him if he’s planning on being on the phone for the whole trip? I’m trying to be super polite about it as I know that I can get feisty and come off as an Ahole myself sometimes. He says “what?” and seems Almost incredulous I would even ask. I explain “I find phone calls super distracting while I drive.” He immediately goes to, “pull over.” Which of course I do, as I add, “I was going to add if it’s important I understand, maybe you could just keep it short.” As he gets out he says very haughtily, “yea, it is super important.” Ok, wtv, the guy was offended I’d even dare to express a presence about what goes into my ears while I’m trying to perform a service for him… he wants out though, by all means. I write a little review to go along with my 3 rating of him (to ensure I’ll never see him again). And I see him writing on his phone at the same time— he had gotten off that all-important phone call, btw— so whatever, I finish and start to drive away, only to find…

MY ACCOUNT IS ON HOLD WHILE LYFT TRUST & SAFETY INVESTIGATE A POTENTIAL VIOLATION OF TOS… this completely entitled pos has decided to lie to Lyft and say I was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, which is obviously untrue. I got shut down for the rest of the night while they figured out from the 8000 rides I’d given prior that he was lying.

Spite. Malice. Entitlement. All over a phone call that I didn’t even say he couldn’t have, I merely asked if he wouldn’t mind keeping it short if possible.

Your thoughts?

(Sheena Washington) #22

Under no circumstances should a person lie!!!

In Chattanooga TN we are seeing way to many Drivers being knocked off the platform because riders are saying that Drivers are under the influence! (Free Ride) :rage:

You may not agree with what he did but read the community guidelines!!! TOS!!!

Understand that how you say/approach something can escalate a situation or defuse it.

For some to say you agree with what the rider did is to say you want someone to do that to you!!!

That lying is ok, no! As long as you have that mentality you don’t need to be here either…

Wake up, people!
Stand up for yourself!
Stand together!
Walk the fine line!
Think before you speak to a rider!

I’m not saying I agree with everything you said/did! (Original post)

If the rider didn’t like the ride, he still should not have lied under no circumstances!!!

(Amanda Halen) #23

Okay, so I was thinking. You posted this because you wanted an idea for a solution, or to rant - but both can come of it at the end of the day. My idea as far as avoiding false claims and bullshit riders is: stick closer to a more urban environment because people actually need this service sometimes and do not have the option of jumping out on the highway and acting like entitled assholes (like that guy seems to have done to you). By restricting your services to clients who actually need your service, you would minimize the chance of false claims because: they NEED your service. This person took you for granted. You also took the fact that he NEEDED your service for granted when you asked him to have a quick phone call.

(Mitchel) #24

As a general practice, I give five stars to passengers, but there have been times when I have given 4.

Yesterday was the first time I gave 1 star. I had a passenger who exhibited major creep factor. He had zero concepts of personal space and acted like he was trying to pick me up. The idiot didn’t book a legit round-trip and said that he was going to be “right back” and asked that I wait for him. Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for him), I got pinged for another ride, and I got the fuck out of Dodge.

Later on, I picked up a couple from Stony Brook Medical to take them back to Ronkonkoma (about a 25-minute trip) and saying that they were obnoxious would be paying them a compliment. The first thing the woman asks is if “it’s possible” for them to have a smoke and I told them no. They follow with blasting their music on their phone and the woman singing along (very badly at that). To make it more interesting, they smelled; I’m not talking BO but clearly, something they must’ve smoked (making my eyes itch and water) They wanted to hit a drive-thru, but nothing was open along the way, so I let them hit a 7-11. The one thing that saved them from a 1-Star rating and getting an upgrade to 2 stars was when the guy spotted me a $20 for taking them to 7-11.

(Cody Parker) #25

The first time that I’ve had a dog in my car. Now my car is destroyed and nasty smelling, mud in my seat. The policy is we cannot refuse a rider with a service animal, but we can’t ask personal questions either. So how are we supposed to know whether it’s a real service animal or not!
I picked them up and dropped them off! That’s when I realized it is in my back seat. The rider did not let me go all the way to his drop-off destination. I was stopped at a red light so he thought he would go ahead and get out right then. I did not have time to inspect the vehicle, and I had to end of the trip and rated him.

This is why I wish Uber would do like Lyft and allow us to rate the passenger at a later time. That way when we realize that our car has been damaged or is dirty. We can give an accurate rating on the rider.


Dear Uber Drivers,
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(Operating System) #27

Anyone who says they’ll give you a tip in the app or offers a tip in order for you to break the rules NEVER tips. Cancel the ride and get the cancellation fee.

(Kat) #28

It’s been a thing since the 90s as far as I’ve seen, white girls with white guys. Last I heard was white girls with black men. Now equal opp…