Uber Driver App, Customer service and Rider Complaints

An Uber Driver is someone who loves to complain about his riders, how the uber driver app functions and obviously their favorite uber customer service ( which is on point sometimes ). So this post is dedicated to all the uber driver complaints. Let the rants begin, starting with me.

I enjoy driving. I really do. I drive around in my car, picking people up and take them from point A to point B. For the most part, the pax are always nice and I’ve had some great conversations with people. I don’t pick and choose pick-ups either. I’ll pick up anyone. I don’t care. I also think the compensation for long distance pick-ups has been fair. That being said, I had one today that really pissed me off. It was 8 miles out in the country. Listed as a 21 minute pick-up. Well, I clearly drove to fast. Not even thinking about it. It was a straight shot, no traffic. I made the 8 miles in 11 minutes and 53 seconds. I know this because I called uber about the .35 cent long distance pick fee that I received. Uber informed me that the fee doesn’t apply until after 11 minutes. He also said that it’s based on time and distance, but strangely had no distance info about the 8 miles. Lesson learned, never drive over the speed limit but as I told the uber rep., that .35 cents is an insult to the rideshare partner. Sorry for the long post, but I had to just vent to those that can understand.

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A new driver here and lesson learned tonight. Arrived at pick up (15 min away) only to have pax come out and asked me to cancel. I got dinged AND no money because “I” canceled even though I hit the option “rider canceled.” Uber said no fee because I canceled it at 4.42 minutes…dammit, lesson learneduber driver complaint

Complaining about being robbed or injustice is normal. Uber is a corrupt company. Saying so is not complaining. It’s more like saying hey, we see what you are doing and it’s wrong. Lies should be brought to the light. Injustice should not be accepted because of our lack of power. Keep talking about it. It’s OK. Maybe someday a miracle will happen. Maybe a leader will rise up and unite our country against oppressive corporations and governments. This society we live in is not normal. It’s hateful. It’s vicious. Don’t accept oppression. Fight Hate. It’s the right thing to do.

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Short story :wink:…As I pulled up to pick up my passenger(pax) from a club this am, there was a group of people arguing amongst one another. Please don’t let any of them be my pax. It sounds like shots are about to be fired, I said to myself.
“Back up! This is my bitch!” screamed the scrawny white guy. “She is not your bitch! She is a human being! She is not your slave,” Screamed the black African man (Senegal)
The crowd told the black man to let it go. Lo and behold, the black man looked my way and came to my car. “Are you ******Joyce?” “Yes, ******.” “It’s a good thing you showed up. I was about to go to jail because of that white man!”
“what happened?”
“The white man was pulling on the black girl, and she allowed it! She had a big collar and leash on her neck like an animal, and the black girl did nothing! What is wrong with the black American woman allowing this to happen to her?!”
“Don’t let it stress you out. These young kids are into some craziness. I don’t understand, but I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube. It isn’t a black girl thing. I’ve seen white women with black men doing the same thing. It’s probably some weirdness from Craigslist. She may be getting paid money, and he probably is into shock value.”
More to story but it wouldn’t be a short story, now would it?:rofl:
Has anyone seen similar sightings? What’s really going on in our society? People used to keep sadist Masochist/ dominatrix lifestyle in the bedroom. Now it’s in the open

The second time this week were pax wanted to use uberx for more than 4 of them. But this was one really made me upset

I arrived, and they were getting in. One of them asked me how many I can take since they wanted six people? I said 4. The one who ordered told the other two to get in. I said I can only take four please don’t do that. He keeps telling them to get in. I told him I couldn’t do that you need to stop… They offered me $50 tip. I am like no. So he got mad, and he said he would one star me and let uber know. I am like go ahead and good luck.

The other pax came to my side and said why you are mad? There is nothing to be mad about. That even made me madder. I told him you wanted me to do an illegal activity and when I refused, your threatened to email uber. I just left.

Do not let pax think they are in control. They kept ordering, and I kept canceling. What a night but I am grateful for the good rides and is not always going to be good rides.
uber driver complaint

My favorite customer so far…left her pick-up location to go to the liquor store, didn’t update her location in the app, had to call her, she apologizes and tells me where to go to pick her up instead…telling me “not to leave her” and that she’ll “generously tip”…haha (we all know how that goes). Then, I pick her up for a $3.22 fare and am super nice…because sometimes people do overtip for the inconvenience. But what does she do (surprise, surprise)? Doesn’t tip AND rates me four stars. Beach! LOL.

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I’m a female dayshift rideshare driver (1 year) living in a very rural area. I drive 20 miles in just to get in a “coverage” zone in the Knoxville TN area, and by the end of the day, I average 250 miles for about $100 pay after fill-ups. I am sure I could do better at night, but I’m just not “there” yet regarding safety. Everything’s been fine up until this last week where suddenly I have an outrageously low acceptance rate, but I’m not receiving the requests to accept. I’ve reached out to both Uber and Lyft customer service, who both told me to do the same troubleshooting techniques - all of which were done before reaching out. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Seen quite a few posts about it being slow today.

Understanding who rides and why helps to keep the wheels moving.

I keep a list of over 300 Airbnb locations as they rideshare more often. 1.5 hours before busy airport times I drive around pockets of them and can usually pick up a ride to the airport, and get a ride back out.

I also log worker trips. Either taking people to work or home from work. Knowing when workers who rideshare request rides and from what location helps to get multiple repeat rides. This helps on slow days to check and see if usual workers might be requesting and drive that area to pick up those extra trips.

During slow times, find your frequent riders. Workers don’t stop riding in offseasons.

Also, track party houses for night rides. What house parties you pick up from that give tips, if a party is happening, drive there.

** First of all let me start by saying this is not about acceptance rate. I had to edit this post to clarify that.** So my acceptance rate just dropped 50% due to the fact that I’m sitting in a 3.5 surge which goes across a huge chunk of the town I’m in, and I’ve been in it for five minutes in rush hour traffic yet Uber tried to send me five separate requests to areas with no surge. One 6 minutes away 1 11 minutes away one 13 minutes away etc… I just kept hitting no thanks five times in a row until they gave me my surge! F*** that! I’m not sitting in all of this rush hour traffic for base pay… I come into the surge to work for a reason. Show me the money!
uber driver surge complaint 1uber driver surge complaint

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Is this a thing?

I picked up two women from a hotel who wanted to go thru McD’s drive-thru. They told me it was a ride back or trackback or ride around or reach around or what… I don’t know. But the concierge set up the drive and told me that it was “in there” to bring them back.

Well, nope. McD’s was only 1.5 miles away, but I told them just to order another lyft, and it would bring them back. They called the guy who told them to get out of my car and wait for another lyft on the curb. 🤷

Should I have just driven them back? Why wouldn’t he put it as a multi-stop ride? My rating went down, so I’m assuming he gave me a bad rating for not driving them back. They also had a baby, and I made them get a baby seat.

You’re not city bus driver but someone who is running a business. On a trip that is too short, you would be making $3 to $4 even after waiting. Don’t play too nice.

When i am in similar situations i tell them plesse request another ride. When they ask why? I tell them i don’t get paid more for waiting and bringing you back. Some offer tip and some just agree to get another ride. If you don’t look out for yourself, nobody will. There will some drivers who will do whatever pax want but don’t be them

It’s a case-by-case basis. Last night I had someone that 3.3 and they’re only going to couple miles, and I figured The Surge would be gone by the time I drop them off, so guess who went to the drive-thru and made 20 bucks on a 3-mile ride that took 20 minutes. Many other times I tell him nope can’t do it man lift doesn’t care enough about the drivers to charge and pay us properly, so I’m very sorry but can’t do it. Furthermore than giving us a quart of how many rides we need to hit before we can get a bonus. So two rides for the price of one screw me both ways.

uber fart complaint
I was accused of FARTING!

So I pick up a pax of two… (Guy/girl), mid 30s-ish from a Brewery.

We make small chat then the guy asks if I can change the channel because I had the country on the radio (said it in a nice way etc…) I said ya I have Spotify if you have a request. I just had the radio on some random channel. So I’m game for whatever.

The girl gives me a band to play, and I put it on, etc…

A couple of minutes later or so I smell a bad odor.

Smelled like a fart or something. I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to embarrass whoever did it… but I also felt it came from the outside and might have drove past a swamp or some plants/trees have a smell when you drive by sometimes, and go through the air/vents, etc… that is what I really thought it came from.

Soon after I hear the guy putting down the window for several mins and putting it back up after getting on the freeway.

For the rest of the ride we didn’t really talk… they were chatting among themselves a bit and listening to the music.

We get to the destination, and the guy says…

‘Do you want a tip and no stars… or 5 stars and no tip… For Farting?’ (and he said it with a straight serious face / and seemed upset).

A shot of adrenaline shot through me as I’m thinking I’m getting into a confrontation.

I said… Uumm, what? I didn’t fart?

Pax: ‘yes you did.’

Me: No I didn’t

Pax: yes you did

Girl pax: ‘John be nice’ (or something)

Me to male pax: it probably came from the outside when we passed an open field or something.

Though he seemed convinced that I farted.

Maybe he did but was blaming it on me, or she did and didn’t say anything, and not taking ownership.

… then I started to question myself a bit… Like… well I know if I fart or not. But maybe JUST MAYBE a small little fart was stuck/trapped between my a$$Hole and boxers and when I moved a little in the seat, it released it?? Maybe that could have happened??

Either way, it was a big mystery to me and didn’t want him to think I damn farted on them… As he probably might have thought I did it on purpose because he told me to change the radio channel.

As he was getting out, he said… hurry, which will it be… TIP OR 5 STARS?

I said I’ll take the Tip.

I got a couple more rides after that and later went back to see, and he did leave a tip, $5.

Over 10k rides I did have some rides where there was a bad smell… driving by a swamp or something… but never had that happened where I was told I farted. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Pax… if you happen to be reading this… I DID NOT FART! Seriously. But if one snook out, sorry about that. …but I do appreciate the tip.

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Allow me to take this moment by saying F*** YOU UBER. I also would like to clear the air. Uber/lyft owe me nothing. They run a successful business model by screwing over drivers because they can. It’s their company, and they can run it as they please. Today I checked my Uber app and seen this new surge, and I must be honest the words that are flying out of my mouth I will not type. UBER YOU HAVE GONE TOO F***** FAR. For many of us that have been doing this for years. We have taken A lot of shit. Lower rates. Increased fees. Higher percentages are taken from us. Shitty bonus structures and much more. But now you greedy f**** are touching something that is most precious to drivers, our surge.

This is too far. You shit on us and call it sweet brownies. This isn’t right. We as a community of drivers have to look out for one another and speak out against this corporate r*****. It’s great that we want to complain about here. But we have to do more. Our families depend on it. We have to bombard these greedy f#### with emails, feedback, and phone calls…we cant take this laying down. If we don’t stand for something together WE ALL WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING. I’m writing a very long intense letter to their feedback team and to corporate about this corporate r####. If we say or do nothing, then this will continue to happen or worst. With all of our expenses, we are barely making a living now. People, we must work as one and send our displeasure to them and let our voices be heard.

I’m not here to lead anyone anywhere. All I’m saying is for me, and my household I’ve had enough of the bullshit and I’m not going to take it anymore. I’m writing my letter, and I hope people all over the country does the same. I’m not driving under this bullshit. Especially while these f#### take my money.

I’m so furious right now I can barely think straight. UBER THIS MEANS WAR!!!

I just heard lyft is doing it too, so this implies to them as well

So the prick I kicked out of my car two days ago rated me for safety and said I was drunk or on drugs. So here I am at day two of suspension because this prick thinks he is going to get back at me for kicking him out of my car. Uber has its priorities screwed up 5500 plus rides 4.9 rating, and I own a CDL have since 1995 so this prick can go eat shit as far as I’m concerned. And honestly, this isn’t what has me upset. The problem here isn’t Uber. The problem here is the drivers we allow this shit to occur. If you subscribe to this was never meant to be full-time you are the problem
If you don’t want to make this situation better, you are the problem. If you are promoting someone else’s products for pennies, you are the problem. Everyone that drives should want to be treated with the same respect we give on a daily basis. Don’t agree with me I really don’t care. We all deserve better, but too many on these pages behave like crabs constantly trying to bring you down for wanting more.

Want to do something about it? Then sue the rider for defamation. Subpoena their info & statement from Uber along with the info of the riders before & after. You also could have “turned yourself in” to the police as soon as you were deactivated, told them you were (falsely) accused of driving under the influence, and asked them to investigate. Ideally, the rider recants their statement in talking to the police, but if they continue the lie, they are making a false report. That’s likely a felony.

Anyway, prove that they knowingly made false statements and that you lost income because of their false statements then go after punitive damages up to the small claims limit.

If drivers actually took the time to do this, the shit would stop real quick!

We have many groups out there to discuss rideshare, driving, and the companies involved. What we don’t have out there are very many for the advanced, strategic driver. You know, for those of us who play chess while everyone else plays checkers. Introducing the group that just might be for you: Rideshare 201.

This group isn’t for you if:
–You believe everyone should pick up every request because “it’s what you signed up for.”
–You believe every bonus the rideshare companies puts out there is free money.
–You believe your only expense is fuel.
–You post your earnings statements and believe that’s carte blanche what you made that day.
–You believe driving is entirely luck.

On the other hand, this group just might be for you if:
–You head out every day with a DETAILED plan in mind or even better, on paper.
–You know your expenses per mile and have used a mileage expense calculator to determine what your expenses are.
–You know what dead miles are, and know how to both reduce them and strategically use them and invest them toward higher revenue rides.
–You know how to leverage traffic patterns and use them toward your advantage.
–Surges come up, and before drivers can rush to the area, you’ve planned ahead and are ALREADY THERE.
–You can predict with reasonable accuracy where a pax is going based on time of day and day of the week.
–You know which surges will generate rides, and which ones are duds.
–You don’t know much of this but are genuinely interested in learning at the feet of drivers who do.

There are some requirements to join this group:
–Minimum of 500 rides between the platforms. Screenshot proof of this will be required. Some exceptions will be made for truly small markets, but if you live in a Top 50 market (as determined by Census Bureau estimates) this is a hard and fast requirement. You will need to know the basics before joining, and that’s a pretty reasonable standard for when you’re no longer a “greenhorn” driver.
–Rating of at least 4.6 on Uber. The same screenshot will also show this.
–Can not currently be a deactivated driver.

This group is intended to never be very large; I would be shocked if it ever got above 1,000 members. But I think drivers who are advanced in their tactics and strategies (and routinely mocked by those who think the strategy is ridiculous in rideshare) need a home to discuss thoughts, strategies, and events with other like-minded and skilled drivers. If this is you, consider this your invitation to the new roundtable. Thank you.

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I just got a ping for a ride, 12min away. (You know the 1 that says something about a pickup premium). So I’m like ok. Started moseying on down the road. I get this call. The dude is trying to tell me he lost his card down in Atlantic City, their holding it for him, it’s going to be a $90 trip, he’s going to give me a $40 dollar tip on the card, etc., etc…BUT he needs a favor from me. I question how he’s paying for the ride (that part is neither here nor there).
Here’s the kicker, he needs $30 from ME!!! What, I don’t keep any cash and no. He told me to cancel the ride and said it’s all about the money with you people. I said YOU have to cancel the ride. Which he did. Now That has to be the strangest situation I have ever encountered. I wonder should I report that. ( I did get $3.75 canceling fee though).Ok back to work.

I totally did the wrong thing here. I don’t even know why. Male and female pax got in my car. She had a lit cigarette when she got in but tossed it out the window. They already lost points because of that. Next, I started the ride, and she asked me why I was recording (in MD, you have to have a sign indicating you’re recording audio, which my dash cam does). I told her about the dash cam and said that it’s for both of our protections. She then complained about if she had known I had one, she wouldn’t have gotten in my car and asks me to turn it off. I did. I don’t know why I did, but I guess it’s because I hate confrontation. The whole 20-minute ride I was seething, kicking myself for letting a pax get to me.

Anyway, the worst part was, as I realized later, I was working toward a guarantee with Lyft. They were #44/45 rides I needed for $420. I could have kicked them out, ended the ride and gotten the minimum fare fee, instead of driving them to their destination. Lyft would have made up the difference once the guarantee was completed.

I gave them one star and wrote Lyft a note. In 1500+ rides, no one has ever had a problem with the dash cam (only one other pax has even mentioned it). This woman had quite the nerve to ask me to turn it off, and I will not be letting another pax walk all over me again.