Uber Debit Card: Uber and GoBank Update

(Bick Bhangoo) #1

Uber has just joined up with GoBank to provide drivers with a new uber debit card option that provides the drivers with a fast cash withdrawal solution as well as plenty of perks to go with it.


The new Uber debit card from GoBank provides the following advantages to Uber drivers:

  • Uber payments: Enables immediate transfers from your Uber account to the debit card.
  • 3% Cash Back at Exxon and Mobil gas stations when drivers use their PIN at the pump
  • 5% Cash Back at all other gas stations
  • 2% Cash Back at Walmart for in-store and online purchases (See the full list below)
  • 15% discount on select automotive maintenance services at Jiffy Lube
  • 10% Cash Back on auto part purchases at Advance Auto Parts and participating Carquest Auto Parts locations. (Maximum of $100 per month on up to $1,000 total spending per month on purchases)
  • 8% Cash Back when you pay your monthly Sprint bill and on purchases in Sprint corporate retail stores or online at sprint.com. (Maximum of $50 per month per account of up to $625 total spending per month on purchases. It does not include select accessories sold at non-corporate Sprint stores.)
  • 24/7 roadside assistance from Urgent.ly covering tow, tire change, and more (4 incidents total) for $0.49 a month with sign-up

The Uber debit card comes with some nice benefits, these include:

  • No minimum balance
  • No overdraft fees
  • No setup, monthly, or annual fees.

To apply for Uber debit card, you will need to open an account at GoBank. I suggest you do, since the immediate transfer of funds on a daily basis, without transfer fees, together with the immediate transfer is a great boon to driving on a limited budget.

Just make sure you check the discounts on other services provided since Uber and GoBank will offer their discounts on the card, it doesn't mean that they offer the best discount. Compare with your other cards, if you have any.

You can set up a new account at this link: https://m.gobank.com/uber/noworries/

Here is the full list of stores that the GoBank supports:

Location Minimum Maximum
Walmart $20 $1,100
Walgreens $20 $500
Rite Aid $20 $500
Ralphs $20 $500
Pilot $20 $500
Love's $20 $500
Kroger $20 $500
Kmart $20 $500
HEB $20 $500
Family Dollar $20 $500
Dollar General $20 $500
CVS $20 $500
Coinstar kiosks $20 $500
Circle K $20 $500
Ace Cash Express $10 $2,500
7-Eleven $20 $500

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(Andrew Martin) #2

I applied for this card, lets wait and see how good it really is.

(Ian) #3

I only use debit cards, top up cards. I gave up on paying for my money. There is no reason to raise the expense of managing money. That is why the gig economy is really a user friendly economy, and once combined with blockchain concepts will remove the costs of owning and trading. Think about it, you have a credit card and pay money for it? Why? Buy with what you have, not with what you have not. Do you take a loan for buying groceries? If you have a credit card you are, every time you use a credit card you are taking out a loan.