Uber continues to suspend my account

Uber continues to suspend my account after a rider unhappy with their fare accused me of sexual assault. It’s been almost a month. Thank god I have Black Car and Lyft but it is sad how little Uber defends or cares about their drivers. Just a review of the drive record for the day in question would reveal how impossible that horrendous accusation is. Anyone with an 8th grade education could see this. They messaged me asking for email address and said they would look into this yet I have heard nothing. I would call the police if I knew the accuser’s name I have a stellar rating with Lyft and Black Car. I am losing all respect for this company and question whether they have an “Investigation Team” or if they have any abilities at all. The other question is why did this bimbo not report the assault to the police. Any sane person would have done that given the accusation and if Uber can’t see the motive then they are really out of touch.

They’re trying to avoid any liability just in case. It’s not right if you’re innocent but I don’t 100% blame them.

What is aggravating is no one from Uber has ever question me and when I post in social media they request my email and then never get back to me so yes it is 100% blame on them for not investigating and not resolving this. You are guilty until they say you are able to drive ans this remains on your record. It’s wrong and I should know my accuser so I can sue for defamation of character. It been almost a month. I have called numerous times with no result.

Well get an attorney then if you want to sue. It actually is a viable case if it can be proven. Her lies have affected your income.

Any sane person would report to the police? You know only 31 percent get reported right? Still not right if you’re innocent.

Welcome to the world of “Me too”. Don’t you realize by now all men are liars and all women tell the truth?

This is yet another classic example of why you need to use a Dash Cam with dual camera and sound. Then you would save the video clips and you could take it to one of their so called green light hubs and show them you are innocent. I hope you recorded it.

Sexual assault? Police better have evidence against you if not sue fucking uber!

Call uber support tell them u have acquired a lawer and plan on sueing for defamation of character and lost wages

Thanks for the support. More than I got from Uber. My friends were aghast that someone could accuse me of such a crime.

Sorry you have to go through this, you should definitely look into seeking an attorney.

Get a lawyer and have them send a letter to Uber regarding the matter. I bet you’ll be reactivated in 24 hours

Uber deactivated my account and have yet to confirm why. They said my liscense is suspended, but that’s not true. If it was, then I’m not driving anyways. I asked them to make sure they have the right person and to check again…never heard back. I just dont trust Uber at all as they seem to not give a shit about their drivers.

Exactly they deactivated me based on lies by riders refused to give me details I’m pursuing a lawsuit

Get a legal plan and go after them I can inbox you a plan I’m using

Something is not accurate, you said you are accused of sexual assault? If that is true you should have been arrested already, or cops are already involved in an investigation.

I am in no way saying you are guilty, and I firmly believe that women who make false allegations of sexual assault should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those are the worst kind of women on the planet.

That said, technically, I was assaulted TWICE last night in just under 7 hours driving. Men, particularly drunk men, can be so aggressive and apparently, they have a really hard time distinguishing friendly and happy go lucky uber driver from interested in me sexually uber driver.
One of my rides was 6 older men, all drunk. One kept telling me how beautiful I was, blah blah, and then he asks to hug me. I said no. He literally came around the seat behind me and grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. The sad part is I’m so used to this shit that I didn’t even really react the way I should. It’s bullshit that men think they can just do whatever they want, touch women who clearly said NO. What am I going to do? Punch him? Call the cops? Probably should have, but I wasn’t trying to ruin the rest of my night. He didn’t hurt me and I want to go make money. BUT, wtf, I said no. Don’t touch me.
A few hours later, another passenger leaned in like he was going to hug me, and kissed me on the cheek. I actually would have been fine with the hug in that case because he’d been in my car for 40 minutes and we laughed and had a good time. I would have hugged him bye, I guess, but I definitely didn’t need a kiss. I’m happily married.
So…Twice. In one night.
Two weeks ago, a pax asked me if he could show me his dick.
I don’t talk about anything even remotely sexual in nature. I’m very open about being married and not interested, yet this shit continues to happen. I don’t know what the answer is—other than maybe just change my entire personality and start being dry and non talkative, don’t laugh, etc. An overwhelming number of men take any kind of friendliness the wrong way, and it gets old.

Sorry for the tangent.

Dash cams everyone!!! If a male passenger does get to frisky on a female driver…IT IS ON RECORD!

If a female passenger falsely accuses a male driver of sexual assault/harassment, and the male driver did not commit any of those crimes…IT WILL ALL BE ON RECORD!!!

Cover your asses and get these bums off the Uber/Ridesharing apps.

Not only for you but also for your fellow drivers as well.

What dash cams do you guys recommend? Do you save all the footage?

I am so sorry to hear that. I have been hit on a number of times, mostly by men who were drunk. Men and alcohol is a bad mix. No offense intended, but they become out of control. I picked up guy at a club on kingsberry. He gets in my vehicle and asked me to turn off my radio. Ok then he turns on a white noise app on his phone up full blast. Then he looks me up and down and says your a fine looking woman. So my instincts said, HELL NO. I told him I did not feel comfortable continuing the trip. I asked him to exit my car. I carry 2 things in vehicle, pepper spray and my dash cam. I started carrying the pepper spray when 2 guys attempted to car Jack me at gunpoint a number of years ago It is so sad that we have to live like this.

Should will start recordings all rides? And if it is like it that Uber should provided those video recording is it the word against us. Nothing is fair but it may be a solution