Uber continues to suspend my account

Pound me too gee. It could happen to any man who is is driver

Maybe a guy just needs a female friend to ride upfront on all the rides

In UBER and Lyft’s world, a dash cam is meaningless to them and they won’t accept footage as any evidence that might clear a driver’s name during one of their inquiries.

A driver is reduced to dash cams being helpful in criminal and traffic matters – or unless a driver sues UBER or Lyft.

Well Uber finally got back to me and it was a long ride I had on a Sunday morning. She accused me of making her uncomfortable and I had put my hand on her leg. Never happened. She slept most of the way and I told her she should never fall a sleep in a taxi, bus or even a limo. She stated that made her feel uncomfortable as well. The fare was close to $200 from Uber and she was leaving a bad situation in Nashua. Lesson to all no passengers in the front if they are alone. I treated this girl like a daughter and delivered safe to her boyfriend.

Has anyone ever had an accusation like that and had the dashcam footage to disprove the claim? If so what was Uber/Lyft’s response? Did they offer an apology? Did they offer any compensation? What was the consequences for the passenger?

If the rider knows that you have a dash cam, they are less likely to fabricate a story about his/her ride experience

I never ever let them sit up front period they don’t belong in my front seat when there is an empty back seat

I had two women who wanted me to go to Taco Bell at 145am in Pacific Beach, CA…I said no due to 20 plus cars in the line = they made a complaint with Uber and said I was impaired = lost around $350 and they wouldn’t even look at the test results from LabCorp on my blood alcohol level and tox screen. They only do email investigations and well = can’t investigate shit that way…but they don’t care…

When drivers start suing the riders things will change
Path sue rider win
Then sue big company bring all wins in and say look you policy does not deal with facts and you hinder my livelyhood
Remember that number a rider see let’s them say yes or no to the ride . I talk to a bunch of pax say they feel only safe with 4.90 and above and will cancel if it’s lower .
What does that mean those pax that order and cancel on you in the two min window looking for a higher rated driver .
Fine I guess but when the company’s take pax as god word true or not you lose money just the way it is .
So you either sue or just accept it most will accept it
And go one with life

But that seems to be the only way these companies change is loss of law suits which
Uber seems to be the champions of losing law suits right now

Also a rider can change the destination on the fly with out telling the driver shit
So that rider who feels unsafe can change the destination to the closest place and get out call the company
But they don’t they ride
All the way
Then complain
No merit you stayed in this person car feeling unsafe
Hmmmmmmm why ???
I would of got the hell out !
At a light that was red ! Called 911

Another point a pax can call 911
And let 911 listen while the pax is going sir man doe yih know if there is a jack in the box going north on what ever street
And or this is a nice red Toyota what ever if they feel that scared !
But they don’t
They wait and report to uber abd hope to get free rides maybe they know or don’t it will lose a driver there job who really knows !
And the company feeds in to it
Sad way of doing business
And good drivers go to the way side but good thing is we all got a new app out of it lmao :joy:

Hey thanks, five and drive is seriously helpful, I’ve been looking for this stuff on sale for months​:heart_eyes::money_mouth_face::woman_facepalming:

I am on the same situation. One month and still nothing. They say their “special team” is still reviewing my background check. I just got approved for permanent residency in the USA and FBI and DHS did find my background check clean. In this case the bitch acused me of improper touching her and using racial slur. All after I cancelled on her for no car seat.
I have given up on Uber.
Amazon Flex and lift is doing it for me.