Uber advertise that we get work on our own schedule

According to every advertisement that I’ve ever seen from Uber they always advertise that we get to work on our own schedule.
I screen my calls to find out passengers destinations because I have a busy work day,

Another example:
If it’s it currently 11 o’clock and I have a doctors appointment at 1:30 I have allocated an amount of time that I can work.
If somebody wants to go to the San Francisco Airport I’m not going to have that amount of time, but I won’t know that unless I ask the passenger when they request where they’re going.
Uber may not like this and has told me not to log in unless I’m willing to complete all of the trips that I accept, but that’s an impossibility… it’s an impossibility because I don’t know where they’re going, and if Uber wants to keep that a secret then that’s a defects in their own app and hardly my fault.

This method of secrecy contradicts everything that they advertise.

Do they expect me to only login if I can work 5 hours, 6 hours, 7 hours 8 hours, 12 hours ? What if somebody wants to go to Los Angeles? That’s a 7 hour drive for me… who will pick up my kid from school if I except that trip as Uber request?

What about drivers that have back pain or other disabilities that prevent them from driving long distances do they not qualify to drive with Uber?

Okay boss… so then just put me on the schedule that best works for you.

If you don’t have enough time to drive…don’t drive. I don’t understand why you don’t understand! This isn’t difficult.

f I have an HOUR… then I can do 5 or 6 local trips… what part about that do you not get?

I don’t have 2 hours + to do an airport trip… so I’d need to know the destination!

Well…like Uber told you…that’s not how their system works. Use your own company for that. My fucking ears are bleeding from this!

Uber advertisers to their drivers that we will work on our own schedule. We can clock in when we want and clock out when we want. That is part of the terms of service. For you to answer the way you did and become defensive and confrontational shows your level of maturity. This is social media. When you put your opinion out there on Front Street you’ve got to be able to take the good with the bad and if you can’t take a little bit of criticism from somebody that’s not even in front of you then that’s probably considered very thin-skinned and you probably shouldn’t be on Facebook. Don’t take things so seriously.

you are absolutely right… So pax need to enter their destination … Simple… Almost smells like another class action if the need arose due to the agreed terms

Uber is already planning to make in mandatory that the destination is entered, but the need to start showing us before hand so we can determine if it fits our schedule.

I somehow think that they will never let us know ahead of time what the destination is because that would allow us as drivers to cherry pick and I am pretty sure they don’t want to. I want that and so do all the drivers but somehow I doubt that that will ever come to pass

Didn’t you just tell a douchy story about this in another group with some screen shots of you sending the pax texts on the definition of “destination”?? You also didn’t like the responses so deleted the post and responses and then left the group?? Or am I thinking of thinking of another Uber driver??

No that was me… yeah I did delete it because others have said having multiple threads on the same conversation is kind of bothers them, so I figured why not just address the whole situation in a more formal way rather than in an informal manner.

You mean you posted here thinking a lot of us aren’t in the same multiple groups and wouldn’t have noticed. You also didn’t come off as an arrogant ass in this post. I get what Uber “says”, I get what we are classified as. But we agreed to the shitty terms when we turn on the apps every day. But why be a jerk to a pax that may have been drunk at 1am requesting a ride home? I’m not trying to make you look bad, you did that on your own, but it doesn’t make it right.

When people put forth an agreement that makes no sense… then my rebuttal might seem arrogant especially when they continue to emphasize they’re incorrect original statement

You’re not stupid, you know that if they put the destination right up front then a LOT of calls would be declined because of being to short and that would put uber at a huge loss

It allows you to give pax your info in advance, in a secure, professional manner and then they can “reserve” you when you are available. Where I live we all work at Uber part time and this allows us to schedule rides around our availability knowing the too and from destination in advance. Lots of perks - designed by Uber drivers, for Uber drivers. We have “consent” letters from Uber so no violation of terms of service.

if a pax gives me issues I play that game right back at them… for me it’s pure entertainment… I don’t own uber, so of course I’m not gonna kiss the pax ass like uber does and how some driver do… thinking they are gonna get paid more or receive some sort of brown nose award.

Without pointing out the ridiculous nature of our passengers this sort of work would drive anyone nuts.

Your going to be deactivated. They arent hiding destinations. You see the destitanation after you start the trip…if they showed the destination prior nobody going short distances would ever get picked up…its common sense and good business

I have developed callouses on my fingertips pointing out the fallacy of the claim that you work on your own schedule. If you are to make enough to cover basic expenses, you must work surge and guaranteed. The first one occurs on the pax schedule and the second is set by the TNC. Your schedule is a distant 3rd parameter.

what sort of independent contractor ever has to take a job before knowing the parameters of the job?

I understand why Uber won’t show the destination. It is not to Uber’s benefit.

It does not change the fact that drivers simply are not independent if they must except jobs without knowing the parameters of the job.

If the company wants to have that level of control over drivers, they are acting as a transportation company and not a technology company. If they are a transportation company, by law, the drivers are employees.

“What sort of independent contractor ever has to take a job before knowing the parameters of the job?”

None, ever. You never have to take a job. You can choose to take them or not based on the info you have. That choice is what makes you independent.