Two riders complained about “cleanliness”

I have a 2016 Kia SUV that looks basically brand new. It’s always washed in my driveway and vacuumed/wiped on the inside before each shift. Just got an email of my “weekly feedback summary” and it seems two riders complained about “cleanliness”. Are you kidding? My car looks brand new on the inside and out. I keep ZERO items in my car, and the ONLY thing that is ever “unclean” in my car is all the dirt and crap those idiots track in my floorboards or leave in my car because they’re drunk or flat out disrespectful to other people’s vehicles. Unbelievable. I take pride in having a nice, clean, smoke free vehicle. I’d love to find those people and have them tell me to my face what was unclean inside my car other than their dirty ass shoes.

Unfortunately, unless you keep a handvac or tiny little broom and dustpan in your car and check between each pax this can happen. My guess is, since it was 2 and your car is clean, you probably know exactly the day they mean and which chucklehead had dirty shoes. Just leave it alone and move on. Its upsetting but it probably didnt effect you much

It’s just asshole riders that complain to get a reduced or free ride by complaining. Happens all the time.

Hate to say this but sometimes the riders give false reports to get free or discounted rides. Other times they will even complain specifically about the driver’s hygiene aka cleanliness for the same reason.

Oh okay so that means next time someone gets in my car and smells like weed and body odor I can complain about the passenger and get a bonus too right??? Mhmm :expressionless:

Absolutely. It goes both ways. No one wants a smelly pax in their car.

Don’t worry feel bad someone said the same thing I about me my car is inspected each time I do a fill up on gas or a bathroom break

I would say if it was only one then they are full of it, but maybe sit in the back and look around from their perspective since it was more than one unrelated incident. Maybe there was something left behind by another rider or you have papers etc on dash or something else that they can see making it look unkept. Windows, seats, black carpeting tends to look dirty quicker

Taking this way too personally. Unless your ratings are less than 4.5 it’s no big deal. You’re not going to make everyone happy, and there will be people who just will say whatever they feel. It’s truly not a big deal if it’s a couple rides out of 100.

Rubber molded floor mats are the best things I’ve ever bought for a vehicle.

Yeah I got a cleanliness one too but I didn’t get it even that week it was several weeks later that I went back and looked at the weekly ratings and noticed that it was there. And by the way for uberX what is it they’re thinking they are getting first class treatment… no they’re getting economy-class this isn’t first class. If they want a spotless vehicle then they need to upgrade to the Uber select or black or whatever the classification is not a Uber X! I can’t help it if the rain or snow messes up my vehicle that day. I don’t have the luxury of time to go wash it in between each ride. It’s just people wanting to complain about something to try to get something free.

I had one over a year ago worried for a minute then let it go if you in good standing it means nothing Im now 4.95 with Uber after 4,399 trips

I got a 1 star this week for the first time in nearly 3 years. I couldn’t sleep, I was so upset. I KNOW i give excellent service, but they cited “professionalism” as the reason. There’s no where to debate it. I believe they wanted a free ride, but why should my reputation suffer because of it?

some people are so ungrateful. We give them a ride to their destination so they don’t have to find a parking place, pay for parking, get a ticket for DUI. Then they have the audacity to give a bad rating. Drivers need to have a means of rebuttal,

There is a rumor that some riders make bogus complaints to get refunds. If true, they would start the process by posting a negative comment.

So many assholes, so much time on their feeble hands… They are jealous of what you have.

Invest in a good sturdy set of floor mats. Now, I’m looking at pet seat covers for service dogs: waterproof, machine washable, etc. I’m thinking I’ll just leave them in place for all riders.

Don’t take it personally. I got one this week about navigation and it was the gps that put me on the wrong street. Unless they give some specifics then I find these things useless to me.

I agree, do your reasonable best, and take the rest with a grain of salt. I’ve had people leave used fake nails, cut toenails, trash from amenities I provided (I don’t do that anymore) or from food they ate in my car, and even used dental floss.

I cannot stop after every ride and check through my whole three row vehicle. Not more than a quick glance, as often rides are coming on top of each other, but I work at night so it’s dark. People are assholes who hold other person’s messes against me.

These things do not jeopardize your status at all, unless it becomes a clear pattern over time. And then it just becomes clear to Lyft/Uber/etc. that you’re simply not suited to this.

No worries!

Some people just want to complain. Makes them feel important. I haven’t vacuumed, washed or wiped down the inside of my car the last handful of times I’ve driven and I have yet to receive a complaint about cleanliness.