Tonight I got pulled over

The officer said he pulled me over because my Lyft Amp was glowing blue and pink and wanted to know why it was on the middle part of my dash… He told me to get in touch with Lyft because the glowing blue is illegal here it’s for emergency vehicles only… Thank goodness I didn’t have a passenger and No I didn’t get a ticket… I am rated as an X and XL on both Lyft and Uber… What is a person to do???

Officier is mistaken. The amp is the official dress in California.
What you need to do is file a complaint.
Did you get his name an badge number?

No it is not the official trade dress in CA. It is optional. Lyft doesn’t even give every driver one. The stickers are the official trade dress.

I had to do 200+ rides to even be offered one.

My driver had one that was blue and we got pulled over four days ago. Some states will not allow you to have the same colors as emergency vehicles displayed.

I have been pulled over in this little town I went through 2 times in 25 years… First was because I was wearing a cowgirl hat… And a officer was famous for that reason… no ticket then and then tonight, not the same officer though

I honestly don’t think he seen one before by the way he acted… and My windows are manufacturer tinted and the stickers are hard to see at night

I saw in the CA vehicle code regs that civilians can’t have lights emanating from inside the car shining outward.

I forgot code section tho

Illegal in OK. Same code as Texas as far as illuminating lights go. I turn on my AMP when picking up the pax, but immediately off as it’s not necessary to drive with it on.

Sometimes the lyft amps can look like they have a blueish tint I don’t ever use mine for that reason

I’ve had an officer in Louisiana make a comment about it, as if he thought it might not be legal. He hadn’t pulled me over or anything, though. I told him I got it from Lyft, and for what it was worth, I pointed out that it wasn’t blue or red. He didn’t seem super concerned, though. Lots of drivers have them. I’m sure he’s seen them before. I wonder if they just don’t know for sure.

I took mine out of the window and turned it off and back on to show him what it does as it turns on… That’s when he said to get ahold of Lyft because as I am driving down the road it looks like an emergency vehicle…

Well there you go. I can see how from a distance it could be mistaken for an emergency vehicle. Lyft doesn’t care and probably wouldn’t pay for the ticket if you received one so again, take it out.

In some states you can’t have the same colors as emergency vehicles. My Lyft driver was pulled over for it Friday.

Talk to your Hub. See if is a common issue. He may have been looking for an excuse to pull you over. If the blue is an issue in Oklahoma then Lyft needs to address snd find a way to fix it.

As I have stated before… My passengers enjoy it, and isn’t it our job to make the passengers comfortable and happy while they ride with you??? If it’s not then why are you even doing it in the first place

You only use lyft lamp light on when stop that is legal not while moving, it can use anytime except cannot be in a moving vehicle

Since you have it in the middle, it’s real easy to reach over and turn it off. That’s what I do, then turn it back on when Im close to the pick up location. After I verify the pax address and whatnot I reach over and turn it back off. I just do it that way, except at airports, always on at airports.

Tell them that is purple unless you are one minute away from the passenger. Than the amp have the color that the passenger chooses to be seen better and recognized in night time so the passenger knows how to not get in someone else’s car and be robbed or kidnapped… Until that moment your Lyft amp will be PURPLE specially not to match the color red or blue… whoever can’t make a difference between PURPLE which is neither red and blue, can easily be sued no matter how good of a cop he is… distinguishing colors is a requirement in the police academy… they will understand imediately the porpoise of this device.
More than that the intensity of the device is UNDER 200 lumen and doesn’t lit up the ground in front of the car within five feet

I don’t know the story but things like this often can happen exactly because of missing the element that identifies the driver in front of the passenger.

Lyft does not release the amp and doesn’t operate in a state before making shore them documents and logos are completely legal and that means a lot of taxes paid in the right places and approvals (including from the state police) and judicial backup…
The moment when the amp is introduced on the market, all the features are explained in detail in order to be approved, including the colors that the passenger can set through their app.