Tomorrow will be my 1st day

Hi guys :grin: (I already do GrubHub & Postmates but I’ve never had a stranger in my vehicle). I’m excited but do any of you ladies (or guys too) have any tips on how you’ve dealt with/de-escalated situations with touchy dudes? Thats my worst fear when it comes to driving rideshare.

I personally haven’t had any escalating situations. One drunk guy spilled his whataburger all in my car and all over him once but that was about it and an ez fix too. However just in case I do have pepper spray in my car. What city are you in?

I think you need a dash cam honey… to make anyone think twice about touching you. :neutral_face:

That’s a great idea. I won’t drive near bars until I get one. And maybe I’ll stop driving by like 8. Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid any drama. Thank you :blush:

If you have a spare smart phone you can install a dash cam app and mount it on your windshield recording on loop. That’s what I do

I’m gonna guess you get hit on a lot so short of walking away do what you do. :grimacing:

I tell them politely not to touch me! Drunk people are very touchy feely and I don’t get down like that also have a very large and heavy metal maglight for checking my backseat at night after pax get out…it doubles and is functional

Lie to them , tell you have a camera hidden & it is in use … get some pepper spray & keep it within reach …

I just found my old USB camera :movie_camera: from b4 they were made into the computers :computer: plugged it into my USB port in the truck :blush::blush: Feeling safer already :blush::blush: lol

Don’t start without a dash cam and inspect their seating area after every trip in a safe area.

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Whatever you do don’t use mace or pepper spray inside your car. You won’t be able to drive it for a while and it will affect you as well.

Don’t be too friendly or flirty. Stay very professional. If someone starts down the wrong path, shut it down immediately.

I only drive between the hours of 5 am and 9 pm, just because I’m little and have a bad back lol not much of a fight left here, so I play it safe

Actually the guys Ive had have been totally cool! I have a dashcam for any that decide to act like asses but, Im quite pleased so far- I just keep them talking…lol. I started mid week to gradually get comfortable cuz the weekend gets BUSY here in Vegas!! :game_die::slot_machine:

DO NOT GET PEPPER SPRAY! If the need arises and you use it on someone. Guess what? You actually will be spraying yourself through cross contamination.

Definitely a dash cam (preferably one that has a lens into your car and another front of car). I would also pit up signage that you’re recording for your and their safety (that can deter people). Also maybe not pepper spray (in a tight space that can impact you too). If you want Physical a stun gun if not tactical flashlight (look up tactical flashlight). These are like strobe lights that flash high beams to deter and temporarily blind the person. Enough for you to get away.

Just be careful about what you say. Anything can set someone off who is drunk, on drugs, or violent natured.

I had a girl hold a knife to my neck from the backseat on a Pool ride with another passenger in the car. She was mad i already had a passenger in the car and snapped right after I dropped the first off. I had personal safety devices near me but I was outnumbered and didn’t feel confident enough to fight back. I talked my way out of it and was able to calmly get her out of my car before I called the police and the critical support line.

I now avoid pick ups in that city, and am even more cautious as to what I say. If they ask me questions, like we are friends, I make an excuse about needing to focus on the directions. People are crazy!

Wowwww :frowning: that makes me rly sad, no one should ever have to go through something like that. I’m happy that you’re safe and you’re brave for going back out :heart: Hopefully that women gets the help she needs bc she has some screws loose. Like actually no screws at all probably :nut_and_bolt:…I just got a dash cam :movie_camera: so that should deter any foolery. I’m so sorry that happened. She’s horrible :mask::mask::mask:

it was definitely scary. You’re a pretty girl; just be careful and don’t let your guard down. If someone aggressively hits on you, just tell them your boyfriend is a sheriffs deputy. Have a friend you can check in with periodically. I drive at night, only, so I tend to HAVE to have my responses lined up in case I run into overly friendly fools. Out of the 300 rides I’ve given, only 3 have been bad. There are definitely really good people out there who just need transportation to and from. Most people comment on how they never have a female driver, let alone a pretty one. I’m sure you’ll receive the same comments. Hopefully they’ll tip you graciously :slight_smile: