Tlc drivers should be getting any type of nj boosts or strings

Enough is enough Lyft. Ban TLCs from doing NJ to NJ rides. Fucking vultures flying into Summit at 400 am for 70% PZ. Anyone else sick of seeing these TLCs all over NJ?

They need to ban all out of state drivers from picking up. Nobody seemed to care when we bitched about this down the shore over the summer

DTS was horrible. All PA plates and TLC. Met a guy from Cherry Hill that drove to Belmar to work there. I was like you realize you have your own shore? He was like huh? Morons all over

I live in Middlesex county so I can’t drive to other counties to drive?
I drive in different counties and will continue to

Lyft only lets TLC drivers do NJ to NJ rides. Uber gives TLC drivers pool/X/XL rides to NYC. No NJ to NJ rides

Yan Bet you said they need to ban TLC I’m pointing out that it’s already been done on Uber but not on Lyft as far as NJ rides

Must of been a new driver Uber’s system only allows NYC calls. Any TLC driver working the city officially will tell you the same

Not true I went from Secaucus to Newark Airport and I had New York TLC black Uber XL

I’m going by what Uber has told us and from my experience whenever I turn on X and XL so I can get to the city. I wouldn’t want any Jersey to jersey calls unless it’s black or SUV

They’re already getting paid more and have more opportunities in NYC with multiple promotions over there. WHY THE FUXX ARE YOU COMING TO JERSEY.

oh well… Jkjkjkjk.

That’s fine if we NJ drivers could do the same there and earn the same amount.

Right now it feels like NJ drivers are women actors and NYC drivers are males making more. (weird analogy lol)

NYC market is huge with 100k drivers and 4 companies so that’s not the issue NJ has ALOT of NYC clients that NJ driver complain about

Don’t worry Mr NJ TLC driver. Your days are numbered in NJ. Once Lyft gets enough NJ drivers, your times up

It was a statement on NYC drivers making more in NJ than NJ drivers in their own state…not a question as to why they are here.


Just keep emailing Lyft. If a thousand drivers send an email every day, this is going to cost them time and money to reply to these emails.

Whenever you call Uber for a problem he had to sit through 20 minutes of everyone announcing who they are in the company and all the great things they’re doing for us which I think is b*******… There must be a rep for New Jersey or something that people can contact to complain

I would say for every 10 rides I use Uber to pick me up at least half the cars have NY plates. Ridiculous.

But are those NJ to NJ rides or NJ to NY? Because according to other drivers, Uber bands NY TLC from picking up and dropping off in NJ, they’re only allowed NJ rides to NY.

Everyone there were always be TLC & OL drives in NJ Companies like lyft and Uber Never limit how many drivers could be in a market the more drivers they have to drivers for them the more money Uber and Lyft make it all about business So stop thinking like an employee and think more like in independent business owner

No I don’t agree with your corporate America thinking. My mentality is treat your employees well